Lokesh Yuvagalam : That’s Fish Andhra Not Finish Andhra – Nara Lokesh Satires ! Padayatra 500 km complete!

Lokesh Yuvagalam : That’s Fish Andhra Not Finish Andhra – Nara Lokesh Satires !  Padayatra 500 km complete!

Lokesh Yuvagalam :  Telugu Desam Party youth leader Nara Lokesh’s Yuvagalam Padayatra Madanapalli Constituency Chinna‌ 500 kms completed at Tippa Mudram-2. Nara Lokesh plaque was unveiled on this occasion. Recently, Lokesh is unveiling a plaque every hundred kilometers.. He is writing his promises on them. Guarantees were also engraved on five hundred kilometers of stone tablets.   He promised to set up a Mota processing unit and cold storage for the Mota farmers in Madanapalle constituency. He told the farmers that the assurances to this extent will be implemented once the TDP comes to power. A plaque was also unveiled to mark this promise.   

Madanapalli Constituency is small‌ Nara Lokesh Yuvagalam Padayatra completed 500 km at Tippa S‌Mudram-2.#YuvaGalamPadayatra#YuvaGalam #Naralokesh pic.twitter.com/1Dt7PU4NMZ

— YuvaGalam (@yuvagalam) March 9, 2023

 Lokesh is engraving his promises on a stone slab every hundred kilometers. If they do not do what they said after coming to power.. people will get a chance to show those stone tablets.. and question them. Lokesh is confident that he can implement all the promises given. He is also saying how he will implement the promises he made during the march.                          

Before that spoke to the weavers face to face. Power loom 500 units of electricity has been removed.. He asked what YSR Bima has done. He said that the YCP government did not care even if the handloom workers were committing suicide. He asked what the subsidy was. He asked what the subsidy was. Nara Lokesh criticized the government for not caring if 63 leaders committed suicide. He said that handloom workers do not have identity cards.. BC certificates are not given. They said that they are using it politically.. They are giving it to YCP activists. It will be supported by real time technology. Special provision should be made for G+3 houses and looms. Nara Lokesh said that the pensions have been raised.. The leaders are having trouble with GST.

Before that, they took a selfie with the Fish Andhra stall started by the government at Tippa S‌Mudram-2 and lashed out at the government. He said that the brain child scheme Fish Andhra has been closed. Criticized that it is not Fish Andhra but Finish Andhra.                

Fish Andhra Finish

Looking at the companies brought by John Mohan Reddy, the eyes are filled with tears. The other day, I showed you Boom Boom, Andhra Gold, President’s medal, which is used to sell Eda Doraka in the country. Today I saw the brain child scheme Fish Andhra yesterday. pic.twitter.com/XkgCAsr8wm

— Satish Gaddam (@tdpsatish) March 9, 2023


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