Lokesh Padayatra: Lokesh Yuvagalam ended in Chittoor district, 22 cases in 40 days Padayatra

Lokesh Padayatra: Lokesh Yuvagalam ended in Chittoor district, 22 cases in 40 days Padayatra

Lokesh Padayatra : TDP  National General Secretary‌ It is known that Nara Lokesh’s Yuvagalam Padayatra started from Kuppam on 27th January. TDP leaders, activists and fans are going to the Yuvagalam padayatra. Nara Lokesh, who successfully started the padayatra, has been continuing the padayatra despite facing many obstacles since the start of the Yuvagalam padayatra. However, the AP government issued Jio‌ According to No-1 rules, Lokesh has been issued orders from the police to continue his padayatra. Nara Lokesh held a padayatra under the police restrictions under government regulations and continued the padayatra for forty days, directly asking people’s problems. But tomorrow, the Ellundi Lokesh padayatra will be announced as a break. 

Cases against 76 people 

The Nara Lokesh Yuvagalam padayatra will continue on the 41st day after completing forty days in Tamballapalle constituency. . But it seems that Nara Lokesh is announcing a break from the Ellundi padayatra tomorrow due to the election code in the background of the MLC election. This padayatra, which started on 27th January, completed forty days yesterday. In this order, 22 cases have been registered against Nara Lokesh and a total of 76 TDP leaders have been registered against Joo No-1. Till now 13 constituencies have been completed in the joint Chittoor district and Nara Lokesh is participating in the 41st day Yuvagalam padayatra in Tamballapalle of Annamaiya district. Lokesh’s Yuvagalam Padayatra covered a total of 520 kilometers in the 40-day Yuvagalam Padayatra. Police filed cases against 76 people including Lokesh and Achchennaidu.  But in view of the MLC election code, Nara Lokesh announced a break for the padayatra tomorrow and Ellundi. Back to this‌ On the 14th of the month Lokesh Yuvagalam returned the padayatra‌ It will be started in Tamballapalle constituency. 

Prices of essentials are increasing due to taxes 

Nara Lokesh criticized that everyone is a victim under CM Jagan’s regime. Lokesh padayatra will continue in Tamballapalle constituency of Chittoor district.  People and TDP workers gathered in large numbers to see Nara Lokesh in Angalla. Young men, women and old people, who were organizing the angals together with Lokesh, shared their problems. The women are worried that the prices of essential goods have increased tremendously. Many old people complained that their pension was cut because the current bill was too high. The youths who are working in the Angals said that they go to Bangalore and do the work because there are no job or employment opportunities.  Lokesh said.. Jagan accused that the prices of essential commodities have increased tremendously due to the taxes imposed on petrol and diesel.  As soon as TDP comes to power, steps will be taken to reduce the prices of essential goods. He said that CM Jagan will reduce all the taxes that have been raised diagonally. Lokesh alleged that the YCP government has canceled 6 lakh pensions in the state. In the end, he criticized YSP as an atrocious government that cuts even the worst tax in the pension. He said that big companies will come to the state within 100 days of TDP coming to power.  

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