Lightning Safety Tips: Why do lightning strike?..what to do at that time..?

Thunderstorms are running trains in people’s hearts. The number of people who have died due to lightning in Telugu states is increasing day by day. In addition to this, RTGS has announced thunderous news that thunder will occur in three districts of AP and the people are getting more agitated. Last week, four people were killed by lightning in one day.. Dumb creatures died. But now people are trembling as there is rain with thunder and lightning all over Telangana. Hyderabad city is being hit by thunder and lightning. With heavy rains, thunder and lightning rains falling in Andhra and Telangana, the fear of loss of life is haunting. In continuation of this, the officials have warned that there will be thunderstorms in Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam districts of Uttarandhra in AP as well as in East Godavari district.

How are thunderbolts born?

Along with heavy rains in Hyderabad and Telugu states, thunder and lightning are frightening. But the question that arises in everyone's mind is how thunder is born. When the temperatures are high, the water vaporizes and forms clouds up to about 25,000 feet in the sky. However, due to high exposure of sunlight from above, light weight positive clouds go up.

As the charged clouds go up, the heavier electron-rich clouds come down. The dense black clouds we see all the time are full of electrons. The clouds we see are the ones that contain the downed electrons.

As we learned in science when we were kids...the electrons in the charged clouds are attracted to the nearby positively charged clouds. Then.. charged clouds will go very high.. At that time any other object is nearby and electrons will rush towards it. Due to this, electrons are released from the clouds and become an electric field and rush to the earth. Coming like this is called lightning.

When cumulonimbus clouds form, an electric current is created in them and lightning occurs. When this action takes place, there is a disturbance in the radio frequency waves. Thunderstorms.

How to escape when lightning strikes..

The Disaster Management Department advises that it is better to stay indoors during thunderstorms. Not only that, the Disaster Management Department has also made some suggestions in the past.

  • If there is a thunderstorm while we are traveling in the car, it is better to stay in the car.
  • It is better for the farmers working in the farm to reach home or safe areas. Go to a place where the land is dry.
  • It is warned not to go under the trees and under the towers at all.
  • Do not use electronic devices such as cell phones and FM radio during rain. Because they have the property of attracting lightning.
  • Sit with your hands and head folded close to your knees. With that, the effect of the electricity released when that thunder falls is less likely to fall on us.
  • Sit on the toes without placing the soles completely on the ground.
  • If we are in the water in rivers and streams, we should get out as soon as possible.
  • It is good to tie TVs and refrigerators in houses. As high voltage flows through electrical wires, they can burn.

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