Kurnool: The stage is set for Devaragattu Bunny festival.. People of 24 villages fight for Malleswara Swamy idols

There the sticks are gathered for God. Heads are crushed and blood spurts. It reigns among the villages. There will be fires between the factions. The stage is set for the Devaragattu Banni Utsav of Kurnool district, which is witnessing the bloodshed. Every year on Dussehra, blood has to be shed in those villages. While the whole country is engrossed in the Sharannavaratra festival, Kurnool district is dying to get Malamalleswara Swamy during the Bunny festival. The ground there will be bloody that day. There is no clash of sticks. Mutual attacks are fought with sticks that resemble swords. Blood flows in the fight between people to get God.

Devaragattu village of Kurnool district's Banni Utsav turns bloody. That's the fun for them. Not damaged or not. Did the gods get the village or not? That is the calculation. The people are enraptured with devotion. A spiritual passion breaks ties between them. God's desire to have their village makes them desperate for their lives. They reached Devaragattu from Neriniki village of Holagunda mandal, where the idols of Lord Malamalleswara were obtained last year after shedding nethur.

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Special pooja was performed to the festival idols in the temple, which is about 900 hundred meters above the sea level. A large number of devotees attended the Kankanadharana Pooja program of the ceremonial idols. After Kankanadharana puja, the idols reached the Kadi Basappa temple embankment from the hill. Till the 5th of this month, pujas are performed to the festival idols at Kadi Basappa temple complex. Every year on Vijayadashami, people from 24 villages compete for the idols of Mala Malleswaraswamy. Hundreds of people are injured in this fight. Many people's heads burst like watermelons. However, every year they enthusiastically participate in this festival.

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