Kurnool Mother Tiger : For the mother of tiger cubs "Mother Tiger T 108 operation" – Tension tension in Nallamala !

Kurnool Mother Tiger : For the mother of tiger cubs "Mother Tiger T 108 operation" – Tension tension in Nallamala !


Kurnool Mother Tiger :   Mother Tiger T 108 operation is going on in full swing in Gummadapuram forest area of ​​ Athmakuru Division which is Nallamala forest area. The search for the missing mother tiger continues with about 70 trap cameras in Gummada Puram Nallamalla forest area under the auspices of the forest department. So far, the tigress has not been found.  As a last resort, special drone camera teams were deployed by the forest department officials.  Special aerial survey is being conducted in Gummadapuram forest department with drone cameras.                         

If a mother tiger is identified during an aerial survey, the cubs are likely to be brought to her. But a decision will be taken only after assessing the movement of the mother tiger. If the track of the mother tiger is not known   There is a possibility of shifting the female tiger cubs to Tirupati Zoo.   Forest officials say that doubts about the survival of the mother tiger are increasing day by day.  Traceout was done in trap camera for the last time in December. After that, its whereabouts have not been identified by Visakhapatnam authorities till today. Even now, no footprints of the mother tiger have been found anywhere in the forest surroundings where tiger cubs are found.                           

Depending on this, whether there is a tiger or not has become a suspense.  The persistence under the auspices of the Forest Department has been brought to the attention of Vikramarkulla WWF Wild Conservation and Mother Tiger Operation has already entered the field as part of this. NSTR officials say that this team is staying in Atmakur and monitoring.   Despite the efforts of the authorities, four female tiger cubs are currently in the custody of the Atmakuru forest officials. Officials are taking care of them. 

The mother tiger may be 8 years old and they have identified her as tiger number 108, officials say.  The staff revealed that they heard the screams of the mother tiger in the area where the cubs were found. They said that they are searching for the mother.. The behavior of a mother tiger who is away from her children cannot be predicted. Officials of the Forest Department say that it is rare for a tigress to give birth to four cubs at once as it will be very emotional.  If there is no trace of the mother tiger, the forest officials say that they will preserve it for two years and leave it in the forest area. 

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