Kurnool: Late night video call from the girl.. The young man who gave the lift.. If the scene is cut, save it..

Kurnool: A call from a girl.. that too a late night video call.. Before long, Manodu was furious. If he cut it, the young man fell like a bully with that heroism. Now that all that has to happen has happened, he is going to work. He is begging to save me sir. The details of this incident which took place in Kurnool district are as follows. Harm trap has once again come to light in Emmiganoor of the district. A young man named Sunil, who lives in the town, received a video call from a number at night. The young man who picked up the call was suddenly taken aback. When the call was picked up, a woman was taking off her dress and talking on the call. Soon Sunil cut the call. However, it was the call lift that sunk his horn. The call was also recorded by other people for a short period of time. Sunil has created a video where he is having a nude video call with a woman. It was again sent to Sunil. Sunil’s mind went blank after seeing that video. He did not know what to do.

Meanwhile, another message was received from the woman who sent the video. She demanded money. Otherwise, she threatened to share it on Facebook and Instagram. She threatened to send it to Sunil's friends too. However, Sunil did not listen even though he pleaded that he has no money and not to send the video to anyone. Two of Sunil's friends shared the video. Fearing that his reputation would be lost, he became withdrawn and did not know what to do. If this is the case.. Sunil received a WhatsApp call from another number. They threatened that they are CBI officers, that your video has appeared on YouTube, and that they should pay money to delete it immediately. Messages were also sent to this effect. The victim Sunil, who could not withstand their harassment, approached the police. He prayed to save him. The police have registered a case based on Sunil's complaint and are investigating.

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