Kotamreddy Giridhar Reddy : Kotamreddy’s brother to TDP – advance plan !

Kotamreddy Giridhar Reddy : Kotamreddy’s brother to TDP – advance plan !


Kotamreddy Giridhar Reddy : Kotamreddy Giridhar Reddy, brother of YSRCP rebel MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy will join TDP. It seems that he will join the party in the presence of Chandrababu on 24th of this month. Till recently he was the president of YSRCP Sevadal unit. But less than three days ago, orders were issued suspending him from the party. After deciding to sideline Sridhar Reddy, there was a campaign that the YCP leadership wanted to promote Giridhar. Ai Te Giridhar Reddy was suspended from the party for being with his brother. But no action has been taken against Sridhar Reddy. 

Sreedhar Reddy’s step back to join TDP as YCP was not suspended                   

If Kotam Reddy Sridhar Reddy was suspended from the party, there would have been a chance for him to join TDP directly. As he is a sitting MLA, he will be disqualified if he changes party. If it is suspended then that problem will not exist. Since Giridhar Reddy is not an MLA, there will be no problem for him to join TDP. That is why Giridhar Reddy is expected to join TDP with caution. Four TDP rebel MLAs who have already joined YSRCP have followed suit. Their family members were covered by the YSR&CP scarf, but they did not officially join the party. But YSRCP programs are being organized in their constituencies.  

Kotamreddy distanced himself from YCP after accusing him of tapping his phone                                 

Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, who is known to be the closest to CM YS Jagan, is said to be tapping his phones. They are criticizing the government. He also spoke against the government in the assembly. He protested at the speaker’s podium that he has been repeating his tired voice for solving problems for 4 years. With this, he was announced to be suspended for the whole of this session. Kotamreddy’s announcement that he will contest

Even when he was away from YCP, Kotamreddy announced that he will contest in the 2024 election as a Telugu Desam Party candidate from the same Nellore Rural constituency. But he still hasn’t officially joined. He did not meet the party leaders. But they are fighting over the problems of Nellore. Dharnas are being planned even after the assembly meetings are over. 

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