Kotamreddy effect on YCP- Mayor of Nellore who openly expressed his support

Kotamreddy effect on YCP- Mayor of Nellore who openly expressed his support

Nellore City Mayor Potluri Sravanti sat next to him in the latest press meet of Nellore Rural Mayor today. The mayor’s husband also came to the recent press meetings, but for the first time, the rural MLA sat beside the mayor and held a press meet. He indirectly reminded everyone who was with him. Mayor Sravanti also spoke to the media in the latest press meet..

Resignation at this moment..

MLA Kotamreddy stood by her husband when he was a student leader, then Nellore. Kotamreddy said that they helped him to get the post of mayor in reservation and Kotamreddy worked hard for his victory as a corporator. He said that he would not leave such a brother. They will always be with Kotam Reddy. He said that if he is told to resign, he will immediately resign from his post. Mayor Potluri Sravanti said that he will resign from his post not out of pain but happily.

Shock to the leadership..

There are 26 corporators related to the corporation in Nellore rural constituency. This time the post of Mayor was given to Rural and Roop Kumar Yadav from City Constituency was given the post of Deputy Mayor. Potluri Sravanti, who was a housewife until then, entered politics following her husband’s footsteps. Rural MLA Chalava became Mayor. Since then, the Mayer couple has been grateful to that family. As Kotam Reddy is preparing to leave the YCP, the mayor will also follow him.

Don’t call me..

Many people are calling him to stay with the party and not with Kotam Reddy. Mayor Sravanti said that he should not be called and that he is openly saying that he is in the Kotam Reddy category. Not only that, she also shocked the authority by saying that she was ready to resign from the post. Let’s see how the YCP leaders will react to this matter.

Nellore politics is currently hot in AP. Leaders are increasing the heat with series of press meetings. It has become questionable how many corporators will stay with YCP and how many will go towards MLA in the rural constituency. But the MLA said that he does not think that corporators, MPTCs and Sarpanchs will be with him. He expressed hope that no matter who left him with any problems, everyone would come to him on the day of the election. MLA Kotam Reddy said that he has the belief that all the activists will be with him. Kotam Reddy lashed out at Minister Kakani and Government Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy at the press meet. Speaking to the media at the end, Mayor Potluri Sravanti shocked the YCP by saying that he would resign. It seems that along with her some other corporators will also stay with Kotam Reddy.

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