Konaseema: Not even 2 pieces

Andhra Famous Fish: It is my opinion that you should eat pulasa even if it is skinned. Such is the craze of this fish. From the sea, the water in the Godavari turns into a beautiful river. Now is the season to find pulasas on the banks of Godavari. Due to this, people from other states are also coming to get this fish. But I don’t know why but this time Pulasalu is not available much. Even those found are not of large size. Recently, a small crowd has arrived in P. Gannavaram fish market of Ambedkar Konaseema district. Strictly speaking, it is not even Janedu. Not even a quarter kg. If the inside is removed and cut, the right pieces are not even 2. But the rate of Rs.900 was quoted even for that small pulasa. Pulasa means a lot. But the alert for the customers is that pulasa is not available much so some people are selling it saying ilasane pulasa. If there is no awareness, that’s what Hamphat is. That’s why if you go to buy pulasa.. take someone you know a bit. Meanwhile, the pulasa weighing between 1.5 to 2 kg is fetching around Rs. 20,000.

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