Konaseema News: Tragedy during birthday celebration, two youths died after falling into Gautami river

Konaseema News: Tragedy during birthday celebration, two youths died after falling into Gautami river

Two youths died after falling into Gautami river..
Tragedy during birthday celebration..
Allegation that accidents are happening due to sand mining.

Those youths who were supposed to bathe in Godavari during the summer heat and have fun, went to the worlds where they don’t know. Taken away.. In this accident which took place on the bank of Jannada Godavari, where sand mining is mostly done, two people reached Mritu Odi. On the occasion of a friend’s birthday, the youths who had gone to the Godavari shore for fun thought that there was no depth and fell into the abyss created by the sandstorms within a few moments of landing in the Godavari. Doctor‌ Br‌ Ambedkar‌ Geddada Karan Kumar (22) of Kothapet, Konaseema district and Moturi Trilok (18) of Peddapalem, Ainavalli mandal drowned in Godavari. This incident filled the local with great sadness.  

On the occasion of his birthday, he went to the river of death..
On the banks of Godavari, he went to have fun celebrating his friend’s birthday. Friends say that they were thrown into the quicksand, but they got out safely. It seems that two days ago, the police had set up a warning board some distance from the incident as young people and children were flocking to this area to bathe in the Godavari during the summer heat. It is said that some people, who do not know that sand mining has been done in this area, are going to bathe and the Godavari flow is still becoming a nuisance. 
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Sand mining at random..
Jannada Sand Ramp in Kottapet Constituency Sand mining in Godavari is going on in full swing. Many people are alleging that sand mining is being done 40 to 50 feet higher than the regulations in this area. It is said that these pits dug by sandblasters took the lives of two young men and some people have died in this area in the past. Ravulapalem`Jannada Bridges are very close to the incident site due to illegal sand mining. Hundreds of tippers move sand from Jannada Sand Ramp..People here are alleging that many accidents are happening in Jannada Center during this period.. 

The cause of youth death is illegal mining;  Constituency Janasena Party in-charge 
Kothapet Constituency Janasena Party in-charge Bandaru Srinivas said that two youths who had come to bathe in Godavari were sacrificed due to the digging being done by the JP organization against the regulations in Jonnada sand reach in Alamuru Mandal. It is said that two youths were killed due to 40 to 50 feet sand excavation against sand mafia rules. Who is responsible for their families, said Srinivas. He said that Jonnada – Ravulapalem Bridge is nearby, and if you look at their excavations, it seems that there is a danger to Bha Bridge.  If the authorities do not respond to this Jana Sena party.
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