Konaseema News : Innovative protest of farmers by riding bikes in the field, paddy fields drying up due to lack of irrigation water

Konaseema News : Innovative protest of farmers by riding bikes in the field, paddy fields drying up due to lack of irrigation water

Konaseema News : In the united East Godavari district, there is a situation of drying up of Dalwa crop without irrigation. This situation has become worse in the delta region. Doctor‌ Br‌ Ambedkar‌ In Konaseema district, most of the paddy fields in Ayakattu are failing due to lack of irrigation water. Due to this, the farmers have complained to the authorities several times but they are not paying attention, so the farmers are on the road of protest. In this order Amalapuram Rural‌ Thailand‌ A lot of angry farmers rode motorcycles in the fields and expressed their protest because most of the paddy fields in the area have dried up. The officials were called to the area and showed their hands and stopped the irrigation system. The farmers did not listen even though they expressed the desire not to spoil the water and the hand would work. They protested by riding motorcycles saying that we can’t fall anymore. Along with P. Gannavaram constituency, farmers are protesting in many places in Amalapuram rural mandal. In this context, it appears that the Ayakats in the suburbs are not fully irrigated. Farmers are angry with this. But already the district collector‌ Irrigation as per orders‌ The authorities are implementing. Central‌ Officials are releasing water for irrigation and drinking water needs quarter wise through the three main crop canals in the delta. However, in many areas, the drains and crop canals are in a bad condition and the water in the canals is being wasted in many places. Observing this, the officials are taking strict measures to prevent the water from flowing into the sea and to prevent the irrigation water from going wastefully into the sea by setting up cross-bunds at 87 places on a war footing. However, due to damage to the drains and crop canal system, a lot of irrigation water is being wasted. Meanwhile, irrigation water is being stolen. As the aquaria has increased greatly, water theft is being done by installing engines in crop canals to reduce the concentration of salt water in the ponds. As a result, irrigation water is not getting to agriculture.

Relief with rain 

Scattered rains are falling all over the joint East Godavari district as announced by the Meteorological Department. Doctor‌ Br‌ Ambedkar‌ It has been raining since Friday morning in many places in Konaseema district. Farmers are breathing a little with this. Farmers who destroyed crops with motorcycles in dry fields are supporting what they did. 

Irrigation problems in 69 villages 

Difficulties of irrigation for Rabi cultivation are increasing day by day.  In many places, paddy fields are falling. Farmers are facing severe losses due to drying up of crops. The measures taken by the authorities to prevent water problems are not working.  Farmers are facing difficulties due to lack of water for dalwa cultivation in many parts of the district. 1.90 lakh acres of paddy was cultivated in Rabi season in Konaseema district. He said that the farmers who had sacrificed tholakari crop in the past are cultivating the rabi crop, but seeing the conditions, the farmers are worried that this crop too will be lost. The district administration has found that irrigation problems have arisen in 69 villages in an area of ​​5287 acres. To prevent this, cross-bunds are placed on the drains in the nearby areas and efforts are being made to divert the cultivated water to the farmers through engines. District Collector said that 63 in Amalapuram sub-division, 9 in Rajolu sub-division, 18 in Ramachandrapuram sub-division and 18 cross bunds are being constructed and water is being lifted in drains to the upper reaches of the canal. Himanshushukla made it clear.  

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