Konaseema: Henceforth Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema.. official gazette release..

The government has taken another step against the Konaseema district, which is mired in intense tensions and clashes. An official gazette has been issued changing the name of the district to Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema District. It is known that the state government released the primary notification on May 18 changing the name of the district. During the re-distribution of districts in Andhra Pradesh, there were demands to name Konaseema district after great people like Ambedkar, Cottondora and Dokka Seethamma. But since Amalapuram is a SC reserved constituency in Parliament, the argument to name Ambedkar came to the fore. But the government did not consider these demands and on April 4 this year divided a new district with the name of Konaseema district. The anger of the local people with the manner of the government has broken. They raised concerns that Konaseema district should be named after Ambedkar. The ‘Chalo Amalapuram’ program on May 24 led to intense tension. Amalapuram became a battlefield. Houses of ministers and MLAs were set on fire. There was firing. This incident created a sensation across the state.

There were tense incidents in Amalapuram for about ten days. The authorities stopped the internet as a precautionary measure to prevent any untoward incidents from happening. Police have arrested 235 people in this case so far. The investigation is still ongoing. Meanwhile, the demand to form a separate district in the name of Ambedkar came to the fore in 1984. Although this demand has been heard since then, this demand has gained strength once again with the decision taken by the government to divide the districts. Members of Zilla Sadhana Samithi together with Chief Minister Jagan submitted a petition to form Ambedkar district. He got a positive response.

Meanwhile, releasing the official gazette has become a priority for the government, putting a lid on the intense tensions, demands and expectations. Dr. BR Ambedkar’s Konaseema district formed as center of Amalapuram has Amalapuram, Rajolu, P. Gannavaram, Ramachandrapuram, Mandapeta, Kothapeta and Mummidivaram constituencies. There are 22 Mandals.

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