Konaseema Crime: Youth jumps from bridge, survives despite CPR

Konaseema Crime: Youth jumps from bridge, survives despite CPR

Youth dies after jumps from Gautami Godavari bridge: 
– Youth who jumped from Gautami Godavari bridge
– Police brought him to the shore with the help of fishermen
– Youth first Treated by highway staff
– Youth dies while moving Kothapet
– Incident in Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema district

A tragedy occurred in Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema district. A young man committed suicide by jumping into Godavari from Gautami Bridge. Police and fishermen say that they tried to save him but to no avail. The details are as follows..

Actually what happened is..
Raulapalem, Kothapet Constituency of Konaseema District  A young man tried to commit suicide by jumping from the Gautami Bridge into the Godavari River. Some who noticed this informed the police. With the help of fishermen, Ravulapalem detectives Ramana, Surendra, highway patrol police VAB Swamy, CH Rammohana Rao, highway staff went and labored for about half an hour and brought him to the shore. 

Highway ambulance staff provided first aid to the youth. CPR was immediately performed to save life. Later, it was reported that the young man died before being taken to Kothapet Government Hospital on the highway ambulance. On the hand of the dead youth is the name Nagu, a white doll with green dots. Police said the youth was wearing a black color fart and blue jeans.   Those who know the whereabouts of the deceased should inform Ravulapalem police. Ravulapalem S. I asked Ramana. Full details are yet to be known.

Husband took life in the bus where wife was on duty
She was APSRTC conductor. Her husband is a private employee. Every day he drops her off at the bus depot on his bike and takes her back after his duty is over. Like everyday, he brought his wife to the garage on his bike. He sent her inside and came out on a bike. Meanwhile, an RTC bus coming from the opposite side hit him. The husband was crushed under the wheels and died. The incident of the wife crying over her husband’s corpse brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Subhashini and Subbaraidu are a couple from Kavali in Nellore district. Subhashini is working as an RTC conductor at Kavali Depot. Every day Subbarayu brings Subhashini and leaves her at the depot. He brought it to the garage as he was on duty this morning. That is the time when all the buses leave the garage. Subhashini also went into the garage for duty. After leaving her, Subbarayadu returned home on his bike. It didn’t take long. Within seconds he fell under the bus and died. Subhashini, who was going inside to go to duty, saw the commotion outside and came running. She was shocked to see her husband outside in a pool of blood. But Subbarayadu had already passed away. There was no chance to take him to the hospital. Subbarayudu died after being crushed under the wheels of the bus along with his bike.

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