Kiran Kumar Reddy: Former AP CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has resigned from the Congress party

Kiran Kumar Reddy: Former AP CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has resigned from the Congress party

Kiran Kumar Reddy resigns to Congress: A key development has taken place in AP politics. Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Kiran‌Kumar‌ Reddy resigned from the Congress party. He resigned from the primary membership of the party and sent his letter to the Congress leadership. He took a key decision by resigning from the Congress party on Saturday. There is a rumor that Kiran Kumar Reddy will soon join the BJP.  It seems that preliminary discussions have already been held on joining BJP..Now it seems that they are going to talk to Amit Shah finally. 

Will he join BJP? Incoming information. Since 2014, he has been in political hiding. No political comments or opinions on politics. He served as the last CM of the united AP and took up unionism at the time of partition. With the important developments that followed, he kept away from politics.


Even though it is more than a year to the elections, the politics in Andhra Pradesh is just starting to take off. If the YCP is already planning to be among the people of Telugu Desam with counter-strategies, now the BJP is also making moves. The party leaders are fighting in the name of corner meetings and fighting on public issues to be among the people. They are saying that they will definitely win the next election. However, it does not seem to have enough strength for that. That is why the BJP is writing strategies to encourage large-scale inclusion in AP. As part of that, there is information that they are trying to get the former chief minister of the joint AP Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy into the party. BJP sources say that he also agreed to this.

Andhra Pradesh‌ Kiran Kumar Reddy, who took up unionism during the partition, gave a big shock to the Congress. His turning against him while still being a Chief Minister was a big sensation at that time. Press meets in favor of unionism Pettimari explained the dangers of partition. As a result, the government has split into two factions. However, they did not back down and took up agitation programs. Kiran Kumar as CM. The authority did not pay much attention to Reddy’s words. Divided the state. With this, Kiran Kumar‌ Reddy Congress‌ He came out and formed a party named Samaikyandhra. He contested on the sandal symbol and was badly defeated in the 2014 elections. 

Kiran on the three capitals… 
Former Chief Minister Nallari Kiran on the three capitals while participating in Unstoppable 2&zwnj Kumar Reddy responded. All the officers should be there when the assembly is held. Executive‌ That means the officials related to the Cabinet and Secretariat should attend the assembly. He said that the details related to the legal affairs should be discussed with the CM and the Ministers and they would have to take permission on what to say in the court. Kiran Kumar Reddy said that there will be ease of governance only if the assembly, court and secretariat are together. Kiran Kumar Reddy said that he was as saddened when the state was divided as he was when my father passed away. There is no need to think about what happened now. Kiran Kumar Reddy, who spoke on the issue of three capitals, said that there will be administrative convenience only if Assembly, Secretariat and High Court are all in one place. 

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