Kakinada Crime News: Atrocity in Kakinada – A policeman was attacked with a knife on the road while everyone was watching!

Kakinada Crime News: Atrocity in Kakinada – A policeman was attacked with a knife on the road while everyone was watching!

Kakinada Crime News: A coconut dealer attacked a motor vehicle inspector with a coconut cutting knife. While everyone was watching.. he fell on the road as if he wanted to.. all his body parts fell on the road. Especially the legs, fingers and intestines came out. The whole road was covered in blood.

What actually happened..?

An assassination attempt took place at the office of Devadaya Charity Department in Kakinada city. A trader of coconut shells attacked a motor vehicle inspector on the road indiscriminately with a knife used to cut coconut shells. In this attack, the motor vehicle inspector’s body parts (intestines, fingers) were cut off. When a person noticed the matter and tried to stop him, the accused also threw a knife at the guest. As all the people were leaving, he ran away from there. As soon as the accused left, all the locals rushed the seriously injured victim to the government hospital for treatment. Police have registered a case and are investigating. Also, videos related to this have gone viral on the net. 


Minors being raped in Kakinada

Police patrol in Kakinada city is normal. will be more This includes traffic‌ Sanctions are too high though. Because more one‌ Vehicles move on the roads in Kakinada in the same way. In recent times minors rash‌ Driving‌ As the number of accidents increased, the police made more inspections. With this, some of the boys sketched the police’s frustration. put one.

traffic‌ Updates‌ Named WhatsApp‌ Group‌ Create‌ Some were made admins. With this, 802 members have joined all over Kakinada. Most of them are minors. This group‌ Any members will update the group immediately where the police have been. doing, voice‌ Message‌ or text‌ Message‌ Doing so, the passers-by alert‌ It has become common for Shara to go down another path from there. That’s all Kadandoy‌ A bit of comedy is cultivated in this update as well. Traffic‌ Give different names to the police and update with those names‌ The police have been identified as giving.

The rules are being violated. Groups‌s do not harm society but traffic‌ Violating the rules WhatsApp‌ Group‌ Counseling for Admins‌ Traffic‌ CI Chaitanyakrishna said. This WhatsApp‌ Group‌ Members are providing information, but many in the group have driving‌ There are no licenses. Rash‌ They are counseled as there is a possibility of escaping from the police by doing things like driving‌, driving under the influence of alcohol and violating road rules. Manage WhatsApp‌ Delete group‌ Revealed that it has been done.

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