Kadiyam Flowers: Vratas that started in Shravana, noise of weddings.. Kadiyam flowers cost wings..

Kadiyam Flowers: When the month of Shravana comes, it brings many festivals and celebrations along with weddings. During the auspicious month of Shravan, there is a festive atmosphere with weddings all over the country. People in Telugu states observe Varamahalakshmi vrata on Friday with grandeur. Along with Varalakshmi Vrat on Friday and Mangalagouri Vrat on Tuesday… the wedding moments came at once. Due to this, the demand for flowers has increased. Flower farmers have four money days. But as the flood came before Godaramma, all the flower gardens were submerged and left the farmer in tears. As a result, flowers have to be imported from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to Kadiyapulanka International Flower Market in East Godavari District. In Kadiam, Alamuru and Atreyapuram mandals where flowers are grown abundantly, all the lands of Lanka were flooded. The earlier floods turned out to be a curse for the flower farmers who were waiting for the month of Shravan. All of a sudden the prices of flowers have gone up.

Ball, Chamanti and Roses are being imported from areas bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu like Usturu, Dignikota, Baladot, Vass Kota, Ee Kota etc. Availability of flowers locally is meagre. If we look at the prices of flowers in the market at present, marigolds cost 100 to 150 rupees, chamanti 250 to 350, lilies 300 to 350, jajus 1000 to 1200, but jasmine costs 1500 to 1700.

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