JR NTR: Jr NTR sensational tweet on name change of NTR Health University

Andhra Pradesh: Health varsity name change jolts AP. The ranks of TDP protested against naming YSR instead of NTR. YCP, on the other hand, counterattacked saying that TDP does not have the right to name NTR. Politics heated up with a competitive dialogue war. Recently, Junior NTR responded diplomatically on this issue. Both NTR and YSR are said to be great leaders who gained immense popularity. It is said that the respect brought by naming one's name does not raise the level of YSR, it has lowered the level of NTR. NTR said that by changing the name of the university, the fame earned by NTR, their place in the history of the Telugu nation and their memories in the hearts of the Telugu people cannot be erased.

“Both NTR and YSR are great leaders who have gained immense popularity. By taking one's name and naming one's name in this way, the respect one brings does not increase the stature of YSR. Does not reduce NTR level. Renaming the university cannot erase the glory NTR earned, his place in the history of the Telugu nation and his memory in the hearts of the Telugu people." NTR tweeted.

Those who thought that NTR would be serious after insulting his grandfather got a shock like this. There is also a talk that NTR has acted very intelligently by treating YSRN and NTR together as one. In the past too, NTR has responded to controversies in such a manner.

But CM Jagan tried to explain why the name of Health University had to be changed. He said that they are bringing revolutionary changes in the medical field and there is nothing wrong in naming the university after YSR. Jagan said that he is fond of NTR. On the other hand, TDP leader Chandrababu said that NTR's name change is the most despicable act. He warned that he would fight against the name change. Complaint was also made to the governor in this order. On the other hand, the NTR family expressed their displeasure over the name change of the Health University. Nandamuri Ramakrishna released a statement condemning the decision of the AP government. They demanded to continue the name of NTR.

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