Janasena: Nagababu is saying that YCP leaders have left the regime and are focusing on Pawan.

Looking at the latest political developments, it seems that elections are coming in Andhra Pradesh. Actually, if the war of words between the YCP leaders and the Janasena leaders is going on in a range… it has increased after Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan’s meeting with Prime Minister Modi. YCP ministers and leaders are making extreme comments on Pawan Kalyan and the Janasena party. In this background, the elder brother raised his voice on the social media platform in support of the younger brother. Members of Nagababu Jana Sena PAC asked why AP ministers are so afraid of their party leader Pawan Kalyan. He criticized that they are under the illusion that they will be given to everyone just like the script was given to AP ministers who do not have complete knowledge.

Jana Sena leader Nagababu said that whatever Pawan Kalyan says, he thinks ten times before saying it. He asked what did Pawan talk to Prime Minister Modi about the government's upheaval. He warned that after the formation of the Janasena government, all the corruption accounts of Jagan's regime will be taken out.

However, the ministers of AP are constantly thinking about who and what Pawan Kalyan talked to because of the administration. They also want to understand the fear and insecurity behind asking the YSP ministers to leave aside the polite words that they had invited and spoken with respect to Prime Minister Modi.. Pawan Kalyan.

Nagababu accused the Jagan Colony scheme undertaken by the Jagan government in AP as corruption. Nagababu revealed that if his party comes to power, they will reveal all the corruption accounts of the J Gang.

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