Jagan Campaign : Lokesh Padayatra – Pawan Varahi Yatra ! This is Jagan’s master plan as a counter to them

Jagan Campaign : Lokesh Padayatra – Pawan Varahi Yatra !  This is Jagan’s master plan as a counter to them

Jagan Campaign :  Although more than 14 months are left for the elections in Andhra Pradesh, all the political parties have entered the fray. Telugu Desam Party leader Chandrababu Naidu said that the governance of the government is bad "This is the fate of AP" They are touring the districts with the name. Nara Lokesh is doing padayatra. On the other hand, Janasena’s Pawan Kalyan is going to start Varahi Yatra soon. Everyone is going to the public.. and what kind of campaign strategy YSRCP chief Jagan is going to adopt has become interesting. It is said that now Jagan has also made the final.. He will enter the field from April. What is Jagan going to do?

Bus trips – rural sleep
Assembly budget‌ CM Jagan wants to organize a bus yatra after the meetings. It is planned to take up the rural sleep program on the bus trip itself. As a rule, plans are already being made. After the assembly  assemblies route‌map‌ will also be finalized. Before this another innovative program Jagan‌ Going to start. From 11th of this month, every house receiving welfare fruits will be given the message “Maa Manvinu Nuve Jagananna”. Stickers will be pasted with the slogan. CM Jagan wants to have more contact with the people by organizing the above three programs. Sources of YSRCP say that they are going to take steps after planning.  

Activity to stay in the people for the last six months ! 
As the time approaches for the elections, the main political parties in the state are making plans to stay in the people continuously in the name of various programs. . As a part of that, Lokesh‌ Started the hike. On the other hand, the Janasena chief is also planning to undertake the Varahi Yatra soon.   CM Jagan who is already providing necessary welfare benefits to the poor across the state through Navaratna‌ Village Nidra Bus Yatra program is going to be undertaken to explain the schemes which have been received till now to the people. They will travel to every mandal center across the state by bus and sleep in a village every day. It is also planned to organize Rachabanda programs in the event of rural slumber in those areas. CM Jagan wanted to organize a rachabanda in the past. Decision taken. However, Covid‌ There was some delay in the Rachbanda program due to other reasons. Jagan’s programs will be finalized so that the last six months will be in the people. Strategic steps are being taken to achieve another sensational victory in the next election as well. As a part of that, every MLA has already been ordered to go to Gadapa Gadapa. Since May 11 last year, our government has been running the Gadapa Gadapa program across the state in all the constituencies. CM Jagan‌ Work‌ They are organizing the shop and explaining the performance of the MLAs. It is in this context that plans are being made to keep MLAs in people’s hands by speeding up this program. They entered the field. All the leaders will be seen on the roads for the last six months. 

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