IQ Movie: Ex-minister making his movie entry. TDP leader to play a powerful role as a collector..

IQ Movie: Look Commissioner, I am a collector as long as I wear a tie.. If you wear a tie, you are a tiger.. If you listen to this dialogue, it sounds like what Balayya Babu said.. If you think so, then you are mistaken.. This dialogue is being narrated by an ex-minister.. a senior politician. That’s why not in real life.. In reel life they are supporting with punchy dialogues. The reason for his entry into the film, who is so senior, is that in the past, his fans have said that he is like a hero. Let’s find out who this ex-minister is who wore make-up on his face at a late age..

Village Raghunath Reddy. A leader with long experience in Anantapur district politics. This is another aspect of him who has served three times as MLA, MLC, Minister and Chief Whip of the government.. Moreover.. He is also well known as the head of educational institutions. That’s why Palle Raghunath Reddy is known as Sir. He is not a political leader like everyone else.. Generally when political leaders reach a level.. their behavior is different. But.. such an angle is not seen in the village. They get along with everyone, new or old. They smile and talk.

And in publicity..Palle.. Ramgopal Varma is remembered. Even during his time as a minister, some of the things done by Palle were laughable. Among them, the main ones are the dressing style, another thing is that while he was a minister, he took off his shirt and pants in public and swam in the ponds, and working like a laborer, there are many rural disguises. Wherever he goes, he makes sure that he is an attraction. It is said that it will be hours and minutes if I receive it.

It is said that the village, which has appeared like this so far, will now show its third avatar. The same..Acting..Vishera Lakshmipathy, a producer from Anantapur producing a movie named IQ. This movie is set in the college backdrop. There are many big colleges in the village sir. Director producers asked colleges for the film. Also, when I was told that there is an important role in this… you will be suited for it… you immediately agreed that the village is ready. In this, Palle Raghunatha Reddy is going to play a powerful role as the District Collector. The scenes in this regard have also been completed.

Mana Palle’s first dialogue in this is.. Look, Commissioner, I am a collector till I wear a tie.. Tie is a tiger. Earlier, he went to America when he was the rural IT minister. Telugu people are like a hero sir..they said why not act in movies. The piece is deeply rooted in the saru burra. With such an opportunity coming unexpectedly, he agreed without a second word. And Palle, who has already worked as an educationist, MLA, MLC and minister, is now going to be seen as an actor.

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