Indrakeeladri AP CM: CM Jagan will visit Ammavari tomorrow.

The Dussehra Sharannavaratri celebrations are going on with grandeur all over the country. From Delhi to Galli, mandapams are established and idols of the goddess are installed and puja programs are conducted with devotional attention. Devotees are flocking to the famous Kshetras and Goddess temples on the occasion of Navratri. Kanaka Durgamma is the temple that is immediately remembered by Telugu people when it comes to Sharannavaratri celebrations. Dussehra celebrations are going on in this field with great grandeur. Ammavara is receiving pooja in every incarnation.

Tomorrow (Sunday 2nd) is the important day of Navratri festival Moola Nakshatra.. Saraswati Devi the Mother of Education, Ammalagamma Kanaka Durgamma birth Nakshatra Moola Nakshatra. So this day is considered very special. Tomorrow Goddess Saraswati will give darshan to the devotees with the adornment of Goddess Saraswati. In this background, Chief Minister YS Jagan will present silk clothes, turmeric and saffron to Goddess Kanakadurga Vijayawada on the day of Moola Nakshatra on behalf of the state government. Sri Durga will reach Malleswara Swamy Warla Devasthanam at 3 pm and offer silk clothes to the Goddess. After the program they will return to Tadepalli residence.

Devotees are confident that if they worship Goddess Saraswati tomorrow, there will be no hindrance to the students' studies and all the blessings will come. That is why devotees reach Indrakiladri in large numbers on the day of Moola Nakshatra during Navratri celebrations.

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