Independence Day 2022: Release of 175 prisoners from jails in AP

The government granted amnesty to the prisoners who behaved well. All of them have committed crimes in the blink of an eye and are serving sentences of more than ten years. Based on the recommendations of the Standing Council, the AP government has issued orders for the release of a total of 175 persons who have behaved well during the punishment period. As a result, 66 people were released from Rajahmundry Central Jail, 42 people from Visakha Central Jail and 35 people from Kadapa Central Jail.

Jail Superintendent Raja Rao said that 55 men and 11 women were released from Rajahmundry Jail. Under the leadership of Vikasa Tarangini, some cash was given to the released prisoners in Rajahmundry for their new year and expenses. The representative of Vikasa Tarangini said that this assistance was given on the orders of Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeyar Swamy.

District Judge Harinadha Sharma counseled the released prisoners in Visakhapatnam. Sat behavior should not be temporary but should be permanent. He recalled Gandhiji’s words, hate crime but not the criminal. Visakha Jail Superintendent Rahul said that the inmates were taught how to live after going out of jail.

32 prisoners were released from Kadapa Jail. More than 30 prisoners were also freed from Nellore, Anantapur, Ongole, Ponugonda and Dharmavaram jails. Prisoners who have been released say that they have committed crimes in a moment and have completely changed after their prison life. Among them are those who completed their degrees while in prison.

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