Gold Theft: Asking to check the bag.. Arakeji steals gold.

Gold Theft In Ongole It Is Called Police Checking Video

Theft of half a kg of gold in Ongolu RTC bus stand premises caused a commotion. Balaji, who had come from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu to deliver gold jewelery in Ongole, was stopped by two men. They threatened that they were the police and that they had information about the smuggling of ganja. They searched to show the bag. Balaji was put in words and struck the gold in the bag. After searching some papers and other things in the bag, they left the place saying that no ganja was found. Later, Balaji checked the bag and found that 460 grams of gold worth twenty lakhs was not found. He realized that he had been cheated and approached the police. The police immediately reached the spot and started the investigation. They examined the CCTV cameras near the parcel service. However, due to the flexi blocking of the CC cameras, the visuals of those who cheated Balaji were not recorded. It is suspected that this gharana was the one who had followed Balaji from before. It is believed that after knowing that Balaji had gold, they would have abducted him in the name of Sodala by pretending to be the police. The details of those who commit such crimes are being collected. The victim said that he would tell all the details later with the owner’s permission. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.

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