Gannavaram Politics: Class war between the same party leaders.

Gannavaram Politics: Differences between the political leaders of the same party again broke out at the Vijayawada venue. గ‌న్నవ‌రం మ‌రోసారి గ‌రం గ‌రంగా మారింది… ఇటీవ‌ల స‌ర్దుమ‌ణిగాయ‌నుకున్న వ‌ర్గ విబేధాలు మ‌రోసారి పొడ‌చూపాయి.. శ్రావ‌ణ శుక్రవారం వ‌ర‌ల‌క్ష్మీ వ్రతం సంద‌ర్భంగా జ‌రిగిన ఉత్సవంలో వంశీ వ‌ర్గీయుల‌కు, యార్లగ‌డ్డ వ‌ర్గీయుల‌కు మ‌ధ్య చిన్న గొడ‌వ చిలికి చిలికి గాలివాన‌గా మారింది.. సీఎం జ‌గ‌న్ గ‌న్నవ‌రం సిట్టింగ్ ఎంఎల్ఏ వంశీ కి స‌పోర్టు చేయాల‌ని చెప్పినా.. నియోజ‌క‌వ‌ర్గ స్ధాయిలో ఇంకా Is the same thing going on.. Why has the heat of January not cooled down yet? Why did the commotion happen when Yarlagadda went to Hyderabad?

Gannavaram recently engaged in a war of words on the matter of politics. However.. CM Jaganche made it clear that sitting MLA Vamsi will be there for Gannavaram.. He should be supported. It was clear from the clash that took place on Friday that both the Yarlagadda community and the Vamsi community did not pay much attention to this issue. However, why is there a question of why there is no survival in the level of the functionaries .. The leaders of the leaders of the executives are disagreeing in the level of the activists .. or .. Criticizing. Actually Gannavaram is a festival where both classes meet at the same place.. The criticism that is being heard openly is that the police are also negligent.

After four o’clock in the evening Yarlagadda left for Hyderabad as soon as the festival started. As long as Yarlagadda was there, the activists were angry.. As soon as Yarlagadda left, they made provocative comments against the Itu Vamsi community. But no matter what they say.. Vamsi is also in Hyderabad, so it should be said that the Vamsi community is somewhat restrained.. The Yarlagadda community once again provoked the activists who went to the office when the festival arrived at Vamsi’s office on the highway. However, the Yarlagadda community has been accused of making provocative comments by the Vamsi community.

They attacked each other with sticks and stones. A person named Mahesh belonging to Vamsi caste was admitted to Prabhutwasupatri due to severe head injury. They are giving treatment to all the injured. However, even if the real leaders are not available, if we see that these differences are reaching a climax. Vallabhaneni Vamsi is confined to Hyderabad for post-Covid recovery.. As soon as Yarlagadda left Hyderabad after the festival started, it has become a headache for the police to make the activists fight.

However… yesterday’s clash seems to be an indication that the caste differences are still going on in Gannavaram.

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