Ganesh Temple: Vara Siddi Vinayaka Temple on the shores of Krishna.. It is believed that offering Appam will remove all difficulties in married life.

Ganesh Temple: If you offer appam, he will remove all Vighnas. The Brahmotsavams of Varasiddi Vinayaka, who shines in his own spirit, are held in great splendor. Siddi Vinayak is appearing as gold to the residents of the banks of the Krishna.

Vara Siddi Vinayaka temple is located in Chamarru of Acchampeta mandal of Palnadu district. Devotees believe that Lord Ganesha appeared on the banks of Krishna river. Locals say that the first sight of Muni Swami was chanting on the banks of the Krishna, and since then, devotees have been following Swami. The priests said that Swami’s reference is to the victory pillar of the Kakatiya period. The temple was renovated in 2014. Since then the number of devotees has increased. Devotees from the north bank of the Krishna along with Acchampet come across the river and perform special pujas. Especially at the time of marriage, it is a custom to offer appam to the Swami of the married daughter or married son. They said that usually appam is offered to Anjaneya Swamy, but here Appam is offered to Vinayaka Swamy. It is said that instead of the Undralas, they offer offerings to Lord Ganesha here.

On the final day of the three-day Brahmotsavam, a large number of devotees gather for Mushika Prasad. He said that the village festival will be held grandly for three days. Sankata Hara Homan is special here. Chief priests said that 101 Sankata Nara Chaturdi Homams have been held so far. During the renovation of the temple, the three brothers set up upalayas with idols. Ayyappa Swamy Upalayam and Subramaniashwara Upalayam were also built in Vinayaka Ayala. Devotees with Kuja Dosha come here in large numbers to worship Subramaniashwara. Devotees believe that after Kuja Dosha is removed, the reciprocity between husband and wife will increase and they will get children.. In the temple of three brothers and sisters, Shiva linga and Amma have been enshrined. Due to this, the devotees come in large numbers and perform special pujas, said Stanikulu. It is said that Lord Ganesha is worshiped here as Vara Siddi Ganesha with the belief that he will shower blessings as much as he is called as Swami. On the day of Ganapati Kalyanam, devotees flock in large numbers.

Reporter. T Nagaraju, Tv9 Telugu

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