G20 Summit: 57 foreign delegates to attend G20 Summit in Visakhapatnam from today

G20 Summit: 57 foreign delegates to attend G20 Summit in Visakhapatnam from today

G20 Summit: Visakhapatnam became the venue for the G20 Summit. All arrangements have already been made by the authorities. Joint Secretary Ministry of Finance Salman Arokya Raj informed that all the arrangements have been completed for the G20 summit in the city on 28th and 29th of this month. A total of 7 sessions (four on the first day, 3 on the second day) and one workshop will be held for two days. He said that 57 delegates from 40 countries are attending this conference. CM YS Jagan is attending the gala dinner on 28th evening. There will be four sessions on the first day and three sessions on the second day. They will have training classes from G20 countries on 30th. Other countries will explain the progress they have made in their countries. He said that on 31st municipal commissioners across the country will attend the students. He said that representatives of South Korea and Singapore will have a knowledgeable exchange with the students. Salman Arokya Raj said that 80 percent of GDP will come through urbanization. He said that the conference will discuss the creation of infrastructure needed for GDP growth.  

Beautification of Vizag with 100 crores..

Government has allocated 100 crores for the beautification of Visakha in the context of G-20 conference. The road from RK Beach to Radisson Blu Hotel is very beautiful. Also, the highway from the airport to Vizag city, where the guests arrive, has been renovated. Vizag has been made more beautiful with colorful lights and hoardings welcoming guests and delegates. 

The routes declared as red zone in Vizag are :
1) Radisson Blu Resorts,
2) Mudasarlova Park,
3 )Kailasagiri hill,
4)R.K. Beach,
5) Jindal Waste to Energy Plant, Kapuluppada Road 
6) SCADA, along with Madhavadharas

Delegates traveling to attend G-20 Summit On the way "Temporary red zone"The CP informed that if any non-traditional aerial objects including (drones) are flown in violation of this ban, they will be destroyed and action will be taken as per IPC law. The police informed the public that there will be a gala dinner and cultural programs on 28th of this month, morning yoga program on 29th, G-20 representatives will visit many parts of the city, and tourists will not be allowed to enter tourist areas on the days when representatives of various countries are visiting. These arrangements have been made to avoid traffic inconvenience and disruption to the public and those attending the conference, so on 28th, 29th and 30th of this month, as the surrounding areas of Radisson Hotel, Beach Road and other junctions are likely to be crowded, the residents of the city should cooperate with the police and avoid traveling in crowded areas. Vizag Police has appealed to choose alternative routes. 

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