Former PCC President: Gray head, white bushy beard.. He.. Is he.. In the flashback he is a political unknown who cycled from Delhi to Galli..

Gray head, white bushy beard..Standing dirty clothes.. Red blob.. People who don’t know him think that he is the elder of the village when they see him. People in the know will go into a flashback asking if it is him. If you talk to him for a while, he will tell you about the crops, about the gods, about the good things of the village, about the life of an old man. His mouth.. now there should be no political talk at all.. if he wants to.. he will drive an edlabandi. They take the children and go around the whole village for fun. If you want more..raise the stage..they compete with the children and play bongaras. But if asked about politics.. they skip it with a smile. He is.. Political Anonymous Raghuveera Reddy..

Raghuveera Reddy.. Those who know the politics of united Andhra Pradesh.. do not need much introduction about this name. Because the leader who has played a key role in the Congress party for decades has worked as a minister in Andhra Pradesh for two times. He was the president of PCC for a long time. However, the division of the state had an impact on the future of the Congress party, and more than that on Raghuveera Reddy's political life. No matter how many defeats the Congress party got, he did not leave the party. He moved forward by doing politics with values. After seeing the terrible results of the Congress party in the 2019 elections, he distanced himself from politics, resigned from the post of PCC president and moved from the city to the village life. Madakashira mandal went to his native Neelakanthapuram village. The renovation work of Neelakantheswara Swamy Devasthanam, which was in a dilapidated state, was taken up there. After almost two years of hard work, they built a big temple where all the deities were measured, unlike anywhere else in the district.

An eye hospital was also started in the village. Disillusioned with politics...or something else...he lives a normal life in the village. They are living as a farmer, laborer, village head and sometimes as a small child. During these three years, there has been a campaign that he is coming back to politics. Almost all party leaders met him. He did not open his mouth even if there were rumors from time to time. He is doing his work.

However, a news has been circulating for a few days.. Raghuveera Reddy will no longer enter politics.. Social media is buzzing that his daughter Amrita Raghuveer is making a political entry. People outside may not know about Amrita Raghuveer. But..Raghuveera's entire constituency is familiar to

Amrita Raghuveer's father worked for Raghuveera Reddy in the last three elections. During her tenure in the Congress party, she used to come to the canvass whenever there was an election. Getting along with people..getting good contacts with them..everything was like father. That's why locals say she has a grip on politics. The talk that there are chances of her contesting in the next election.. is rounding up the town..

But let's assume that Raghuveera's daughter will enter..and from where will she contest..that is.. Raghuveera is far from Telugu Desam Party from the beginning..but Raghuveera has good relations with Congress party leaders. At present they are all playing a vital role in YCP. That is why some people say that there is a possibility of her joining YCP. Where will he contest from? His own constituency is Madakasira SC reserve. There is no way to compete there. So the campaign is going on that Raghuveera will contest from Kalyanadurgam, which is very popular. At the same time, there is also a campaign going on that there is a possibility of Minister Ushasree Charan going as an MP. Looking at all the equations, it is being discussed that Amrita Raghuveer will definitely contest from Kalyanadurgam.

Let's assume the same is true for a while.. But Amrita Raghuveer says that he has not looked at Madakashira for eight years. They are also saying that they are not present in the constituency now, except that they will come one day..and go immediately.. get a clarity on all this..the elders should open their mouths..he does not say. It is not known when she will arrive.. Until then the social media stunt will not stop.. But people are sure that Raghuveera's daughter will arrive.

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