Former Minister Perni Nani: Pawan Kalyan is suffering only for happiness in Babu’s eyes.. Pawan is criticized as weekend politician..

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan satirized the former minister as a weekend politician. He made people happy with his acting skills.. TDP chief Chandrababu complained that Pawan Kalyan is only trying to please the eyes of the people. He said that Pawan Kalyan spoke nothing for the society. If Pawan is to be believed, he criticized that he is swimming in the Godavari holding a dog’s tail. Someone said that Pawan Kalyan read the script written by the film’s writer. The people there are saying that the walls built on the government land were removed after giving notices. He said that the government has not bothered anyone now.

When Chandrababu tyrannically built roads in the fields..when the fields were burnt, didn't even a razor needle pierce your heart..? He asked. How many temples and mosques were demolished? Pawan, is your skin strong then? They said that. Even if the court gave you thorn, you did not get your mind. Pawan's behavior is like digging a hill and catching a mouse. Who will pay the fine imposed by the court? When Chandrababu's government destroyed the farms, why didn't Pawan get punched..?

Does the president of a political party beg for a roadmap? He asked. Pawan's words and videos should be put in a museum. In 2014, there were 67 seats and in 2019, 151 seats. Even when 175 seats come tomorrow, satire was made.

If Pawan opens his mouth, they say everything is a lie. He said that people who see Pawan's policies did not vote. People will not vote even in 2024.. Pawan's words and videos should be put in the museum. Pawan says that he will make films if good administration is provided.. Pawan will change a flag for every election.. If Chandrababu is in power, it is one strategy.. if not, another strategy. A man who changes strategies like a chameleon called Pawan Pawan Kalyan.

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