Flexi fight: YCP counter to Amaravati farmers’ mahapadayatra..Flexis lit up in Bapatla district..

Resistance to Amaravati Farmers Mahapadayatra is increasing from YCP. The flexis lit up along the road in protest of the padayatra are causing a commotion in the locality. We don’t want one capital.. Three capitals are a kiss, YCP ranks organized flexi in Raypalle of Bapatla district. Shall we be fine with only 29 villages? Or.. let’s support the Telugu nation with the development of 26 districts? YCP leaders are asking through flexes to please think. If something like this was seen in Vemuru constituency yesterday, now banners and flexi have been put up in support of decentralization in Repalle. They tried to explain through flexi that three capitals are the right decision for the comprehensive development of the state. No need for graphics rule..Flexi, which was called a welfare package, has become a topic of local discussion.

Whether YCP is opposing it or protesting with flexes, the Amaravati Mahapadayatra is continuing regardless of this. The ongoing march to make Amaravati the capital has reached Raypalle of Bapatla district. Farmers are shouting slogans that Amaravati is the capital of all.

The fifth day of padayatra which started from Kollur will end at Bhattiprolu. Ex-minister Nakka Ananda Babu gave a warm welcome to the march. Former MLA Dhulipalla Narendra and CPI Muppalla Nageswara Rao supported the farmers' march.

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