Fake Notes in AP: Manufacture of fake notes in Telangana – Tribals are the target of exchange of notes in AP!

Fake Notes in AP: Manufacture of fake notes in Telangana – Tribals are the target of exchange of notes in AP!

Fake Notes in AP: Circulation of fake notes has created a stir in Manyam area under Chintoor of Alluri Sitaramaraj district. Telangana State Bhadradri Kothagudem District Palvancha Center is making these and changing these money in AP. The police found out the matter and arrested the gang members. While exchanging fake notes in Rekhalapalli of VR Puram mandal… the police caught them on surveillance. SP Satish Kumar disclosed the details of the case. Nine persons from Telangana formed a gang targeting the tribal people in Manyam and were making fake notes at Podila Murali’s house in Palvancha. These are being circulated in many parts of India.

Manufacture of fake notes in Telangana – Exchange in AP

Printed in Palvancha.. Vararama Chandrapuram in Andhra, Chintoor, Koonavaram, Kunta in Chhattisgarh Changing in the surrounding areas. Exchanges are done after dark at crowded petrol stations, grocery stores and hotels. Police said that so far around 2.5 lakh worth of notes have been exchanged in those areas. This gang was found to be exchanging not only fake notes but also black notes. Moreover, it was revealed that Rs.500 notes specially printed for film shootings were being cheated by giving them to innocent people. The police under the command of Kumar introduced the gang of thieves in front of the media. He said that the said gang was caught by the VR Puram police while circulating the stolen notes. From them stolen notes worth 44 lakh 50 thousand rupees, printers, paper bundles used for lamination machine printing and hypo liquid were seized. Along with them, black paper bundles of black paper cut to the size of currency, washed with chemical, black paper bundles and an auto were seized. The SP congratulated the Chintoor sub-division police who had cleverly arrested the gang of counterfeiters. 

Exchange of counterfeit notes into pension cash in January of this year

Prakasham district Yarragonda Palem mandal Narasaya Palem Govt. The stolen notes have come to light in the cash of social pensions. As usual Secretariat Welfare Assistant drew cash from the bank and Volunteer M. Amos of SC Colony‌ Provided to But Amos distributed the cash to the beneficiaries on Sunday. Ruthamma, a woman who received a pension of Rs. 500 notes were found to be fake and brought to the attention of the authorities. They examined the cash distributed till then at the beneficiaries and found 39 (Rs. 500) notes were fake. MPDO Rangasubba Rayudu complained to the police about this. The said volunteer, who was booked first, revealed the truth when questioned by the authorities. He admitted that he was the one who made the mistake. He was dismissed from duty. Amos‌ The police arrested him. Where the fake notes came from is to be ascertained in the investigation.

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