Eluru: The boyfriend who brought home the mother and daughter, cohabitation with her! The electricity bill left a tragedy!

Eluru: The boyfriend who brought home the mother and daughter, cohabitation with her!  The electricity bill left a tragedy!

Eluru News: She is already married. He brought the five-year-old baby boy to his home. Both coexisted together. Their marriage has been going smoothly for years. But recently the boyfriend became addicted to alcohol. It was in this sequence that the quarrels between the two started. Last night also a fight like this happened..Both mother and daughter were beaten to death by boyfriend. 

What actually happened..?

Eluru District Musunur Mandal Katrenipadu Village Area Sriram Nagar saw the light on Saturday. According to the locals and the police… Devarapalli Ravi of Nujiveedu mandal Mirjapuram divorced his wife ten years ago. 35-year-old Songa Yesumariamma from Sriram Nagar has been away from her husband for ten years and lives with her 15-year-old daughter Akhil. Ravi met Yesumariamma while working as a lorry driver. Since then both of them have been living together in Elur for two years. He has been living in Sriram Nagar since eight years. Akhila is currently studying in 10th standard. Boyfriend Ravi has recently become addicted to alcohol. It is in this order that the two are fighting. 

He got drunk and quarreled when he wanted to pay the electricity bill..!

However, Yesumariamma gave money to Ravi to pay the electricity bill. But Ravi drank heavily with that money. Electricity supply to the house was stopped on 30th January due to non-payment of electricity bill on time. This led to a heated argument between the two. On that day, both of them had a huge fight.. She felt that there is no benefit in staying with him anymore and called the family members about the matter. The family members of Yesumariamma took her to their home. Ravi went to their house on Friday afternoon. He took them home assuring them that he will take care of Mariamma and Akhil alive from now on. After midnight that day, he killed Mariamma by beating him on the thigh and Akhil on his back. He kept looking at them until they died in pain. When there was no response, he came home and looked through the window.. Both bodies were lying on the bed. Immediately informed the police. Nujividu DSP Ashok Kumar Goud and Rural CI Ankababu immediately reached the spot. SP Rahul Dev Sharma reached the spot and got the details. Clues and dog squad teams collected evidence at the scene. A case has been registered against the accused and investigation is underway. The police are hunting hard for Ravi.  

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