Eluru: An earthen pot unearthed while digging for a pipeline

It is an oil farm garden. The farmer is digging for the pipeline with laborers. Whose work are they busy with? While some are digging the soil, others are removing the soil with a shovel. An earthen pot was found during the excavations. Everyone looked anxiously to see what was in it. When the lid of the pot was opened, there were coins shining like Jigel. Tera Para saw that they were gold coins. This incident came to light in Eluru district.

These gold coins were found in Eduvadalapalem of Koyyalagudem mandal in the district. An earthen pot was found while digging for a pipeline in an oil farm garden. 18 gold coins were found in it. The oil farm farmer informed the Tehsildar about this. The officials who reached there are examining them. It seems that each coin weighs about 8 grams. These are believed to date back two centuries.

To whom the fund belongs:

According to the law.. when the information about the treasure is known.. the revenue and police officials reach there and conduct panchanama.. the treasure is handed over to the collector. Is the treasure an heirloom or was it hidden by ancestors? Collector will confirm that. If the fund belongs to the ancestors.. it is determined who it belongs to.. it is divided into shares. If the found fund of 1000 is a national treasure, then 1/5th of the find is given to the land owner. If the land is being cultivated by someone other than the claimant...the tenants will give some amount of 1/5th to the laborers who extracted the treasure. They will be punished if they want to give away the treasure.

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