Do you know what prasadas are reported to Tirumala Srinivasa on Tuesday?

Do you know what prasadas are reported to Tirumala Srinivasa on Tuesday?

Blesseds in Tirumala Shrine‌ The traffic continues. Every Tuesday Swami offers sugar pongali and pepper pongali which are very popular to him. 67,886 people visited Swami on Monday. While 29,107 people offered talanilas to Swami, 4.56 crore rupees were offered as gifts by devotees through hundi. Devotees are waiting in 13 compartments in Vaikuntham queue complex with Sarvadarshanam devotees. So it takes 13 hours for Swami’s sarvadarshan. And the special entrance darshan takes about three hours.  

Priests perform kainkaryas to Sri Venkateswara according to Vaikhanasa Agama Shastra in Srivari Temple. In this‌ On Tuesday, the priests opened the temple gate with Pratyushakala worship. Swami blessed them with Sri Venkateswara Suprabhata Strotha at the golden porch. After  Tomala, Archana services were conducted by the priests. In morning worship‌ As part of this, Darbhar was held in the presence of Sri Koluvu Srinivasamurthy in Snana Mandapam. After listening to panchanga shravana and hundi janakarshan, Swami offered them sesame flour mixed with jaggery. Srinivasamurthy was invited back to Sannidhi after offering Navaneetha Harati. As part of the morning worship, Annaprasad, laddoos, fritters, sugar pongali, pepper pongali, rice (matra) mixed with butter in a broken pot, and Daddojanam were offered to Lord Swami in the first bell.  

After performing Sattumora according to Sri Vaishnava tradition in Sannidhi, TTD offered Sarkaru Harati and blessed the VIP devotees with the darshan of Swami. After that, the second bell was reported to the Swami, after performing the sacrifice, each "Tuesday" Manage the day "Ashtadalapada padmaradhana" Worshiping Lord with 108 Golden Padmas is a special feature of this service. Later Sarvadarshanam devotees were allowed to see Swami. Even though Srivari’s Utsavamurthy is Sridevi and Bhudevi, Shri Malayappa Swami is invited to the Sampangi Prakaram as a vimana pradakshan and at 12 noon, the priests perform the Nitya Kalyanatsavam as Netra Parva. Arjita Brahmotsavam and Arjita Vasanutsavam services are performed by the priests by taking the idols in a procession to the Vaibhotsava lamp outside the temple. In the evening, the priests conduct the Pidapa Nityotsavam, where Oonjal Seva is held in the candlestick. After stopping the sarvadarshan, the priests start the night kainkaryams for Sri. In these activities‌ Night Tomala, Archana, Night Ganta, Thiruveesam and Ghantabali are performed as part. Again Sarvadarshanam allows the devotees to have a darshan of the Lord, and after the Sarvadarshanam is completed, the priests conduct a solitary service as a final service to Shri.

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