Divyavani: Actress Divyavani joins BJP.. Meets with MLA Etala Rajender.. Discussion on important issues..!

Actress Divyavani meets MLA Etela Rajender: Actress Divyavani, who recently said goodbye to TDP, has taken a crucial decision. Recently decided to join BJP. He discussed the same issue with BJP MLA Etala Rajender on Thursday. She spoke politely to Etala Rajender, who is currently the convenor of BJP’s recruitment committee. On this occasion, Divyavani expressed her desire to join BJP. Etala told Divya Vani that they will discuss this with the high command and take a decision.

BJP feels that movie glamor is also necessary for the party to reach more people in Telangana. As a part of this, discussions have already been held with people like Jayasudha. Now Divyavani Kamalam is showing enthusiasm to join the party.

Divyavani seems to have said that she will work anywhere in the south besides Telangana. She is expressing the feeling that having done films in several languages ​​in the South.. Similarly, working in TDP is a plus. Telangana BJP leaders are of the opinion that a decision will be taken soon on inviting Divya Vani to the party.

Earlier, actress Divya Vani was active in AP TDP. Divyavani resigned from TDP in June saying that she was not given due priority in the Telugu Desam Party. After that, she seems to have decided to join the Telangana BJP.

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