Digging together at home for hidden treasures.. Late night disturbance.. Finally what happened..!

A man excavated at home for hidden treasures. He created a disturbance in the middle of the night with ten laborers. The village itself was shocked by this incident in Andhra Pradesh. These hidden treasure excavations in Eluru district have created a stir. Excavation for hidden treasures in Gollapally village of Nujiveedu mandal in a single house has created panic. The excavations at Vedadri Srinivasa Rao’s house in the middle of the village created tension in the village. Vedadri Srinivasa Rao excavated his house claiming to have treasure deposits. He dug a huge pit of 15 feet in the middle of the house. The villagers were shocked as 10 laborers had been digging in the middle of the night for ten days. The villagers of Gollapally say that they are scared because they don’t know what is actually happening in that abandoned house. It is said that the incident came to light after a complaint was made to the police after hearing noises coming from the house in the middle of the night.

According to the complaint of the villagers, the police attacked the house in the middle of the night and arrested five people who were digging. Five others escaped. The police are hunting for them. Villagers are in a state of panic as evidence of occult pujas being conducted at home to dig for hidden treasures.

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