Delhi Liquor Scam: ‘Central government’s conspiracy against southern states’.. MP Magunta fires on his name in liquor scam

ED will go ahead aggressively in Delhi liquor scam case. In Amit Arora's remand report, the names of Kavitha and Magunta have been added, causing a stir in the Telugu states. Recently, Magunta responded on this issue. What is the height of the North over the South? Is the center following the same strategy? MP Magunta Srinivasulureddy says yes. MP Magunta made sensational comments that the central government is conspiring against the southern states. He spoke to TV9 and gave clarity on the inclusion of ED Magunta's name in the Delhi liquor scam. Amit Arora is a North Indian.. They asked why they would do liquor business with him. MP Magunta Srinivasulureddy said that he does not know who Amit Arora is. He also said that he did not know why his name was included in his remand report.

In the liquor scam episode, there are allegations that Vinay Nair received hundred crores from South Group. This group is running under the leadership of Kavitha, Magunta and Sarath Chandra Reddy, hence their names have been added by the ED. ED has included the names of MLC Kavitha and Magunta among those who collected Rs 100 crore in the latest. The presence of MLC Kavitha's name in ED's latest report is creating a stir in Telangana politics. In the 32-page remand report, the ED officials stated that Kavitha used two phone numbers in ten phones. On the other hand, MLC Kavitha also has a chance to respond to the Delhi Liquor scam remand report soon. So what she is going to talk about has become a hot topic.

Amit Arora, a prominent businessman from Gurgaon, has been arrested by the authorities. Amit is close to Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia. It seems that Amit Arora played a key role in Delhi's liquor policy and money laundering case. The inclusion of names from Telugu states in Amit Arora's remand report has now become a hot topic in political circles.

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