Darsi Mla Maddisetty: The person is away from full time politics due to past reasons, Darsi Mla Carlity on party change!

Darsi Mla Maddisetty: The person is away from full time politics due to past reasons, Darsi Mla Carlity on party change!

Darsi Mla Maddisetty : Darsi Mla Maddisetty Venugopal said that she was not available for the last few months due to personal reasons. He made it clear that he is always available to the activists along with the Gadapagadapaku program but he has stayed away from full time politics in these two and a half months. It has been clarified that there is nothing but past reasons for this. MLA Maddishetti Venugopal revealed that now that she has finished her personal activities, she will fully participate in the party activities. He said that due to non-availability in the constituency, the news in some newspapers and channels that the party is going to change should be fabricated. Duyya said that some media organizations are spreading false propaganda as the elections are approaching.

As long as Jagan is in politics, he will immediately 

CM Jagan is a great leader and if he stands with such a leader, he will remain in politics responsibly. Maddisett commented. He reminded that criticism is natural in politics and it is necessary to withstand such things. He said that during the 2019 elections, Darshilo Jagan fully supported and encouraged him. He said that he won’t forget in his political life to win in the public sector and step into the Legislative Assembly with Jagan as Chief Minister. MLA Maddishetty said that in future  Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy will follow in his footsteps and will keep his faith in him. He said that he has done good for the people of Darshi region, especially the schemes implemented by the government under the Gadapagadaku program are being taken to every home. He revealed that since he was elected as MLA under the leadership of CM Jagan, many development works have been done successfully in Darshi constituency.  MLA Maddisetty reminded that especially for Darshi town, through a comprehensive water scheme with 125 crore rupees, ponds in the constituency have been developed and fresh water taps have been installed for every house, Darshi – Kurichedu road, which has been pending for decades, has been completed.

Controversial comments in the past

MLA Maddishetti Venugopal made key comments that if Chief Minister Jagan presses the button and provides welfare schemes directly to the beneficiaries, his graph is increasing massively, but the graph of the local legislator is falling. With his comments, there was an uproar in the party. Later he even had to try to explain the meaning behind his remarks to the party leaders. Not only that, CM Jagan also blessed the marriage of Maddisett’s son in December last year. Investments worth lakhs of crores of rupees and employment opportunities for 6 lakh people are going to come, he said. Looking at all these, CM Jagan is taking forward the welfare and development as an equal proposal, he said. But MLA Maddishetty commented that it is bad that the opposition is promoting Goebbels on such programmes. 


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