Danger Bridges: Bridges of yesteryear are falling apart.. ‘No repair’ for bridges that have served for more than a hundred years..

Hundred years of history.. is reaching a state of ruin. Whoever were the great lords of that time.. some of the bridges built by them for prajopayogam.. have reached the climax stage. These ancient bridges built during the British rule are not getting the minimum repairs.. they are bothering the locals. They grow up before their eyes.. Even if they break their bonds.. Nadhu who looks on the other side is destitute. In West Godavari district, journeys are going on at risk based on dilapidated bridges. The bridges built by the rulers of those days for their smooth survival after realizing the needs of the coming generations are now broken. Even though they have reached a dilapidated state over the years, they are the source of life for the people here.

And... who cares about their entertainment? The residents of West Godavari district are lamenting that the new ones are not being built. The old ones are not being repaired. The ancient bridges built during the British period on the Eluru Canal from Tadepalligudem to Gundugolana are now in danger. Recently the bridge at Gundugolana was partially destroyed. People of about 20 Kolleru Lanka villages are facing various difficulties.

Vehicular traffic has stopped on the other side of the Gundugulan Bridge. Only pedestrians and two-wheelers are allowed. This is a confusing situation for the people going to Kolleru Lanka villages. More than a thousand students, more than two thousand laborers and businessmen travel on this dangerous bridge every day.

Another ancient bridge near Pulla in Bhimadolu mandal is also in a similar state of ruin. Built less than a hundred years ago in 1919, this bridge is still busy with traffic. This bridge is the only way to export 300 tonnes of aqua every day. Like the Gundugola Bridge, it is also in danger of collapsing, the locals are worried. Officials are pleading with the government to wake up early and build a braille bridge nearby.

This is another bridge at Narayanapuram in Unguthuru mandal. It is in such a dilapidated condition that it will collapse at any moment. However, if you want to go to Ganapavaram and Bhimavaram, this is the direction. The surrounding area is crowded with ice factories. The locals are passing the time in fear of what will happen. They are demanding to build another new bridge here as well. Another bridge in Unguthur also fell into disrepair and was recently repaired. As the people of ten villages have to travel from the bridge, they want complete repairs.

Like.. From Tadepalligudem to Gundugolanu... Unguthuru, Narayanapuram, Pulla, Gundugolanu bridges have served people for more than a hundred years and now they have reached the point of danger. Concerned officials and public representatives want to wake up at the right time and take up the construction of new bridges on the Eluru canal on a permanent basis.

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