Danger Bells For YSRCP: Danger Bells For YSRCP – Where Did It Go Wrong? What are the corrective actions?

Danger Bells For YSRCP: Danger Bells For YSRCP – Where Did It Go Wrong?  What are the corrective actions?


Danger Bells For YSRCP:   Andhra Pradesh’s political circles eagerly awaited the MLC election of graduates. The reason for this is that there is an opportunity to know the mood of the people directly in the form of votes. The voters of the respective parties cast their votes in the quota MLC elections of the local bodies. Upadhyaya MLC electorate is very limited. But graduate voters are in lakhs. About ten lakh people will exercise their right to vote for the three MLC constituencies. That means public opinion can be estimated in a way. That’s why everyone was eagerly waiting for these results. In the end YSR‌CP got a shock. They could not give real competition in two places but they had to face tough competition in a place like Kanchukota. CM Jagan congratulated the ministers early in the Cabinet meeting that they will win everywhere. But what happened is different. 

Visakha capital argument which has no effect!

This time YSR‌CP has high hopes on Uttarandhra. The reason for that is that they are bringing the capital to Visakha and the people there think that the Brahmaratha will fall on them. It was not like that. The candidate is announced six months in advance. They took care in all matters from the registration of votes. In the end, the ministers did everything themselves in the campaign. Minister Dharmana tried to use the sentiment that no matter where the graduate election meeting is held… if YSR does not vote for the CP, it will weaken the capital demand of Visakhapatnam. But no matter how many efforts were made, the graduated voters did not care. Telugu Desam Party candidate Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao got a huge majority. In fact, the Telugu Desam Party first announced a leader named Gadu Chinnikumari as a candidate here. But deciding that she is a weak candidate, Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao, who is known to many graduates as Economy Chiranjeevi, was finalized as the candidate in February. He traveled extensively with the efforts of other TDP leaders. Good  result achieved. YSR‌CP did not make any efforts to win. There were also allegations of distribution of silver biscuits. And YV Subbareddy, who took the responsibility of Uttarandhra from Vijayasai Reddy, took it more ambitiously. They did this with the view that if the MLC loses, the capital’s argument will be weakened. But.. the result was not favorable at all. Now there is a possibility that YSRCP will have to review this issue. Because.. not Amaravati, the opposition had to take cover there. Now if there is no positivity in Visakha too, the situation will be bad for both. This graduate MLC by-election may have brought the need for YSRCP to make changes in its Uttarandhra political strategy.

What is the reason for the difficult situation in East Rayalaseema?

Not only in Uttarandhra, but also in East Rayalaseema, YSRCP is facing a difficult situation. The graduate voters of Samaman Prakasam, Nellore and Chittoor have fully supported Telugu Desam Party candidate Kancharla Srikanth.  Actually Nellore YSR‌CP Kanchukota. But in Chittoor there is a leader like Peddireddy. He is tightening his grip on any election. Majority of YSRCP MLAs in Prakasam district too. Garjana was also organized in Tirupita in the name of three capitals. But even here the YSRCP is not without trouble. The people of East Rayalaseema are also not satisfied with the claim of Visakhapatnam as the capital. It is estimated that Amaravati will be near. At the same time not a single development work was done in Prakasam, Nellore and Tirupati districts. The Jagan government, which had high hopes for the Veligonda project, stopped the ongoing works when they came. These are in three districts. At the same time, the problem of unemployment can also be thought of by the youth. That’s why it is believed that the wind has blown against the YSRCP in the districts known to have a strong hold. Now the government should review these problems and focus on the solutions. It can be thought that the graduates have reminded them through their voting. > The  districts in West Rayalaseema Pattabhadru MLC constituency are Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur. There is nothing to say about YSRCP’s hold in these three districts. TDP has only two MLAs for all three districts. They are also from Anantapur district. It is a constituency where graduates have to vote unilaterally. But a fierce battle is going on. Telugu Desam Party candidate is contesting hard. In all the rounds, YSR&CP candidate gets majority but it remains in double digits. That is why the overall majority does not cross two thousand. According to TDP’s understanding with PDF candidates, if second priority votes are given to TDP candidate, then YSRCP can suffer a shock here. If that happens.. YSR‌CP’s fortress will collapse. It will damage the self-confidence of YSR‌CP. 

Would they review the mistakes and make changes? 

The YSR‌CP government is in a kind of opinion that they are ruling as public entertainment. . It is clear from the latest MLC developments that they are not interested in knowing the situation at the field level. Since no such experience has been encountered in direct elections so far, it can be assumed that such precautions have not been taken. It is interesting whether the government will be serious about this even now.  The analysis is being heard more and more to stop political attacks on opponents and devote maximum time to people. Because if you target political opponents..  it will give them strength. But it will be minus for those who are targeted. When the election is less than a year away..  It can be thought that the ruling party needs to review the MLC elections of these graduates.. to identify the errors and correct them. 

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