Crime Video: Young man commits suicide while calling Shivayya.. Shocking contents in suicide note..

There are various reasons for committing suicide. Due to various reasons such as stress, financial difficulties, mental problems, health problems, family problems, love, education and work, many people commit suicide all the time. However, here a young man offered himself saying that Lord Shiva was calling him not to stay in this bad society but to come to him. The incident took place in Chatlamada village of Prakasam district. According to the details of the police and locals regarding this incident, Shiva means life to Venkata Poorna Shekhar Reddy of Chatlamada village. Unparalleled devotion. Father is already dead. He takes care of his mother and sister all by himself. He is working in Chennai. I don’t know what happened in this sequence, but he came to his hometown from Chennai. He wrote a suicide note saying that Shivayya was calling him and committed suicide by hanging himself with a saree to Fanu at home. He made it clear that no one was responsible for his death and there were no affairs like love. He wrote in the suicide note that he was not a coward and that Lord Shiva had told him not to live in this bad society and that is why he was dying. He said in his suicide note that he was going there as his father was also serving with Shivayya. He wrote in the note that he would beg Shivayya to give him an opportunity to do good to the society in his next life. While dying, he asked all his relatives to take good care of his younger sister Sailakshmi. He suggested that all the assets should be written in the name of his sister and that she should marry a good groom. He wrote that he did not need to tell anyone that he was taking so many precautions, he was committing suicide only because Shivayya was calling him. The Shekhar Reddy family of Chatlamada village was shaken by this incident. Shekhar Reddy got confused when he saw the suicide note which said Sivayya Pilupe was the reason for his suicide. Meanwhile, the police have registered a case and are investigating the death of Shekhar Reddy.

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