Crime: Hundreds of robberies.

Crime News: Stealing is a characteristic of thieves. Some people spend the stolen money on luxuries or keep it for future needs. If the police find the same, they will recover all the loot. But it is natural for thieves to hide the loot in the house or in some other secret places. But one thief committed thefts using the crematorium as his carafe address.. Finally he was caught by the police and arrested. But he is no stranger to imprisonment. Even though he went to jail in many cases in the past, he did not stop stealing. Therefore, they eat, drink and sleep in the crematorium. The police have arrested the gharana thief who was committing thefts while staying in the graveyards. He conducts Rekki and commits thefts in targeted houses and hides the stolen property in graveyards. Challapalli and CCS police have finally arrested an interstate thief who committed 121 thefts in two Telugu states.

Surendra alias Surya of Chittapur village of Chatrai Mandal has made a profession of stealing. He steals from locked houses. There is a DC sheet against him in Eluru District Chatrai Police Station. He performed at many places in AP and Telangana states. On the 28th of last month, a burglary took place in a locked house in Challapally Islamnagar. The victims complained to the police. As the police detained and interrogated Surya, some more crimes came to light. In a case, Surya was detained by Khammam district police under the PD Act and served his sentence in Warangal Jail. After his release on 17th of last month, he committed thefts in Challapally as well as in Gudivada, Jangareddygudem, East Godavari district Kovvur, Rajanagaram and Khamma within a period of 20 days.

Staying in graveyards..Drinking alcohol and sleeping..He does everything on graves. Does not use cell phone or other electronic devices. He cuts the connections of the CCTV cameras wearing gloves. After the theft, he bury the property in graveyards and hide it until needed. After Khammam was released from jail, special teams recovered gold jewellery, silver jewellery, bike and cash worth Rs 20 lakh stolen in seven robberies from the crematorium.

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