CM Jagan: ‘Politics is not a drama.. Chandrababu is killing people for a photo shoot!’. CM’s sensational comments during Anakapalli visit..

AP Chief Minister YS Jagan hurled criticism at the opposition parties. They indirectly fired at the opposition leaders saying that 'some people are acting like if not this state, then that state. These comments were made by Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan who visited Narsipatnam in Anakapalli district on Friday. Before that he initiated many development programs worth Rs.986 crores. Rs. CM laid foundation stone for construction of Government Medical College with 500 crores. Also, Chief Minister Jagan initiated the construction of the Tandava-Eleru lift scheme canals connection project to be built at a cost of Rs.470 crores. Along with the expansion of Narsipatnam road with Rs.16 crore, some other works have been started.

Jagan who indirectly attacked the opposition

Their style is like saying, "If not this state, then that state.. If not this people, then those people.. If not this party, then that party.. If this wife is not with that wife." There is no single MLA.. If he contests in two places, the people will not be defeated in both places. He is produced and directed by Chandrababe. Call sheets are given and they come for shooting. Chandrababu will give the script.. He will act the dialogues said by Babu. The adoptive son is carrying the blood of his adoptive father. Chandrababu says that whatever good happens in the state, he did it himself.. it happened because of him. In the end, even if Sindhu won in badminton, Chandrababu said that he taught it himself', Jagan lashed out at opposition leaders. Jagan also responded to the stampede incident in Kandukur two days ago. He said, 'Kandukuru Sabha is only for the photo shoot. Eight people were killed by holding a meeting in narrow alleys to show that people did not come. Can it be worse than this..?' Jagan said.

Jagan continued his criticism.. '29 people took their lives for shooting in Godavari Pushkars too. Politics is not about shootings.. not about dialogues. Politics is not about drone shots. Politics is nothing more than dramas. "Politics means bringing good change in poor families," he said. Also, the CM said that 'previous governments have ignored Narsipatnam... no development has taken place here'. Now Narsipatnam is going to be changed in this government. 'Politics means changing the appearance of villages. Politics means giving houses to the homeless. A politician is a public servant. Chandrababu's example is not to exercise power over the people. We will keep our word... we will say what we do... we will do what we say...' said Jagan. He said that the rule of this government will make every worker walk with his head held high. The CM said that there is a war going on with the corrupt system in the state. He said that some media organizations are always working to throw mud at the government.. They are doing good to the people. Jagan said that if they are doing good to the grandparents, they are spreading evil propaganda. According to the rules, there is a pension verification every six months.. They are spreading misinformation on this.

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