CM Jagan: Internet in government hostels. Quality food for students.. CM Jagan’s review on today..

Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has ordered the concerned officials to provide Internet facility in government hostels in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Doctors are advised to visit the hostels regularly and monitor their health condition. He said that a special app is being created for this purpose. The CM conducted a review of the conditions of gurukula schools and government hostels across the state. The officials were advised to bring the supervision of academic affairs in gurukula schools under the purview of school education. Similar to the monitoring done by appointing two MEOs in mandals, it should be done in gurukula schools as well. He said that there should be continuous monitoring of aspects like infrastructure, food quality and management. For this, a separate scope should be decided for each officer. Meanwhile, the CM ordered that the Nadu-Nedu program should be carried out in 2 installments in SC, ST, BC and minority hostels.

Attention should be paid to cleanliness and hygiene in hostels. Steps should be taken to provide cosmetics along with education. Food served to students in all government hostels should be of good quality. Maintenance of toilets and maintenance of infrastructure should be continuously monitored. Government hostels should be linked with village clinics and PHCs. Gaps in the management of hostels should be identified and filled. Prepare action and report on above decisions.

– YS Jaganmohan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Meanwhile, in the field of education, CM Jagan said that poor students are getting quality education through the programme. He said that in the past there were policies to benefit the corporate schools, but under the YCP regime, those conditions have changed to a large extent. He reminded that many reforms were undertaken in the education sector after his government came to power. He said that government school will be made as a substitute for corporate schools. CM Jagan said that former Chief Minister Sonthuru did not take care of the schools in Naravaripalle as well. He criticized that the schools in Kuppam were in a dilapidated state. CM Jagan emphasized that 16 thousand crores are being spent for the development of 57 thousand schools and hostels through Manabadi, Nadu-Nedu.

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