CM Jagan: If Kuppam seat goes to BC.. CM Jagan severely criticized Chandrababu..

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy satires in the Kuppam Sabha saying that Chandrababu is an incompetent leader. 4949 Crores of Rs.4949 Crores have been transferred to the bank accounts of 26.39 lakh women through the YSR Handout Scheme at the click of a button. 192 crore rupees have been transferred to 1.02 lakh beneficiaries in Chittoor district. The CM laid the foundation stone for the development work to be undertaken with 66 crores in Kuppam Municipality. After that, CM Jagan directed the party workers to win in Kuppam. CM Jagan alleged that Chandrababu has snatched the Kuppam seat from BC. CM Jagan criticized Chandrababu’s carafe address for backbiting.. stolen vote.

He said that Kuppam means the development of my sisters and brothers today.. Kuppam means today my SCs, STs, BCs, my minorities.. This development is seen in every house. He said that development can be seen between their smiles in the heap. They said that they are doing a good program today in Kuppam. Manasa, Vacha, Karmana have been implemented. He said that this third installment will be Rs. 56,250 paid to the same sister Chellemma through letters. My poor elder sisters between 45-60 years have made it clear that this scheme has been brought for my SC, ST, BC, Minority elder sisters. They want to believe that older sisters and younger siblings at this age are carrying the whole family with a responsibility.. If they put money in their hands.. that family will grow.

If you cross 60 years, you will still get pension.. Before sunrise.. Thanchanuga pension is coming on one date.. But the current pension of Rs. 2500 will also be increased to Rs. 2,750 from this January. CM Jagan conducted a check distribution program through the YSR Chehoota scheme.

As stated in the manifesto, he promised once again that he will fulfill his promise that he will take up to Rs.3 thousand. He reminded that our government is standing by from the child in the mother's womb to the grandmothers who bless them affectionately. CM Jagan said that he is proud to say that this government is yours and sister's government. He said that till now Rs. 14,110 crores have been provided to SC, ST, BC and Minorities through this donation. He said that his government has taken steps towards empowering elder sisters.

He said that 31 lakh elder sisters have been given house titles across the state. Construction of 21 lakh houses is going on fast. He said that if the houses are completed, the value of each house will be at least Rs.7-10 lakhs. Through the house program, in the hands of the sisters and brothers, Rs. 2-3 lakh crores will be invested. But he said that every elder sister should notice this difference.

He questioned why there was no development in that government because the budget was the same during the administration of the Chief Minister.. the same Chief Minister.. compared to the debts incurred then. Can't think why things are happening now.

He said that in those days there was a method of robbing, sharing and eating.. then people didn't have money to lose.. today we are pressing a button.. money is coming directly into your accounts. That is why things are being done now.

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