CM Jagan: Guarantee of minister post if Bharat wins.. CM Jagan assures Kuppam YCP workers..

AP Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has announced a bumper offer to his own party workers. Had a special meeting with YSRCP workers. As part of this, CM Jagan had a special meeting with the workers of Kuppam constituency in Chittoor district earlier on Thursday evening. He said that in the last three years more good has been done to Kuppam constituency than during the tenure of TDP chief Chandrababu. As part of the meeting with YCP workers, CM Jagan first met with the YCP workers of Kuppam constituency of Chittoor district on Thursday evening.

He called for the situation of winning 175 seats out of 175 in the upcoming assembly elections to start from the current heap. Addressing the activists on this occasion, he said that the situation of winning 175 out of 175 seats in the upcoming assembly elections should start from the heap. CM Jagan said..” Kuppam is equal to my own constituency. If Bharat wins here.. Minister post is guaranteed for him. Kuppam Constituency has done a lot of good in these three years than during Chandrababu’s regime. More to come in the future.

So far, it has been revealed that funds worth Rs.65 crore have been sanctioned to the Kuppam Municipality. CM Jagan has revealed to the activists that he will support the development of Kuppam. CM Jagan spoke to prepare the party cadre for the elections.

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