CM Jagan: Good news for the poor people of AP.. 808 new treatments under Arogya Shri

The government has given good news to the poor people of AP. YSR Arogya has announced that it is going to add 808 new treatments to the Shri list. On October 15, there will be a program to add more procedures to the Arogya Shri list. At present, there are 2,446 treatments in YSR Arogyasree, and with the addition of new ones, the number will reach 3,254. Similarly, the family doctor pilot project will also be started in October. CM Jagan reviewed the medical and health department at the camp office. He said that the expenditure under Arogya Shri and related services has increased almost three times per year as compared to the previous government. He said that with the increased procedures, approximately Rs.2,500 crores are being spent on Arogya Shri, about Rs.300 crores for Arogya Asara, and about another Rs.400 crores for 108 and 104. He said that the government will spend a total of Rs.3200 crores for Arogyashri, Arogya Asara, 108 and 104. What more proof of this government’s sincerity on people’s health is needed.

Another 432 new 104–vehicles

Another 432-104 vehicles will be available in the state by December. Already 676 vehicles are in service. Also already 748 across the state. 108–Vehicles serving. The CM ordered the officials to ensure that there are no errors in their management. Officials told the Chief Minister that 12 types of diagnostic kits and 67 types of medicines are available in village clinics. The CM suggested that the Covid kit should also be made available. The CM wants the staff to be at the level that should be in the hospitals. For this they want to conduct hospital wise audit every month. These audit reports should reach the authorities every month. It is suggested that this thread should be done regularly. Whenever there is a vacancy, the process of appointing someone else should continue continuously. They also want to think of setting up a medical recruitment board to ensure that government hospitals are fully staffed, monitor this process continuously and take appropriate measures.

Order to increase patient diet charges

The CM ordered to increase the patient diet charges in government hospitals. It is suggested to increase it to Rs.100 per day as per Arogya Shree patients. They want to give a good menu after careful observation. They want to take action on increasing the stipend fund of junior doctors. In this order, the CM also reviewed the construction of new medical colleges. They want to concentrate more on the construction work of medical colleges. The officials told the CM that the construction of urban health clinics will be completed by the end of November.

6 Ayushman Bharat Awards for AP

Officials explained to the CM that AP received 6 of the Ayushman Bharat awards given by the central government. Out of the total 10 awards, 6 went to APK. It is said that this is a recognition of the measures taken by the government in the health sector.

In this review meeting, Medical and Health Minister Viddala Rajini, CS Sameer Sharma, Medical and Health Principal Secretary MT Krishnababu, Medical and Health Principal Secretary (Covid Management and Vaccination) Muddada Ravichandra, Health and Family Welfare Commissioner J Niwas, Finance Secretary N Gulzar, Health Special Secretary G. S Naveen Kumar, APMSIDC VC and MD D Muralidhar Reddy, Andhra Pradesh Medical Council Commissioner V Vinod Kumar, Dr YSR Arogyasree CEO MN Harindra Prasad, Medical Health Department DG (Drugs) Ravi Shankar and other senior officials were present.

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