CM Jagan: AP Sarkar took the key decision regarding the purchase of grain.

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh government has taken a crucial decision regarding the purchase of grain. Big changes are taking place in the agricultural sector. Plans to outsource the collection of grain to volunteers by excluding millers. The government is already providing many facilities to the farmers through RBKs. Now another important decision has been taken. The CM agreed to the new proposals in the review of the Agriculture Department. Farmers are taking a decision to check the illegals in the purchase of grain. By checking the systems of the millers, the volunteers are taking the decision to collect grain from the farmers. Alleging that the millers are buying grain at a lower price than the price fixed by the government, henceforth volunteers will collect grain from the farmers through this crop. The government will also give them incentives for this.

On the other hand, the CM ordered that all the equipments and machines provided under YSR Yantraseva within the scope of RBKs should also be available to the farmers. What are the machines covered by RBKs? What is the equipment? The details of what kind of services are available through them should be kept in RBKs. The officials explained to the CM that out of 10,750 RBKs in the state, distribution of agricultural implements under Yantraseva has already been completed in 6,525 RBKs. The CM has issued orders to the authorities to speed up the construction of collection centers and cold rooms within the RBKs.

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