Chittoor Women Success Story: Facebook and WhatsApp introduced their work to the world

Chittoor Women Success Story: Facebook and WhatsApp introduced their work to the world

That is Palaguttapalle of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh! A small village next to Pakala. If it gets a bit dark, there will be no bus. Autos don’t move anymore. Severe drought. Since 2010, there has been no rain for five years. Anyway, dried beets. Agriculture is gone. If it is reversed, there will be 70 families. All are agricultural labourers. Koddogoppo padi, chickens. One such village today is a carafe for cotton bags. The reason for that success is Aparna, a social worker! Palaguttapalle bags are a brand today.

If we go to the real story.. Aparnakrishnan from Chennai‌ About 30 years ago, they bought some land in Palaguttapalle and started organic farming. The period between 2010-15 when there were no rains disturbed her. Aside from that, agriculture  They were concerned about the condition of the rural people who depend on them and have to work as labourers. Aparna, who is socially responsible, wanted to help them in some way. Some women in the village have sewing. They sewed jackets and small dresses. Aparna felt that if they were included, other women would also get employment. So they were prepared for making cotton bags.

If Aparna Krishnan gave some money as an advance from his hands, he bought cotton cloth with them and sewed up to a hundred bags. Thus began their journey. Jute bags look artless. If so, what is the difference between these village bags and other bags. So Aparna gave them an idea. To make Palaguttapalle bags special, there should be beautiful prints, embroidery etc. on the bags. If so, customers can be impressed. Four or five embroidery work with instruction of Aparna‌ Learned. Along with peacock and Ganesha figurines, the logos of the ordering companies are printed, stitched and sent. With that idea, the bags got an even better name. Meanwhile, more than six thousand bags were sewn and sent to the Organic Congress conference held in UP. After that they made compartmentalized vegetable bags. They are in great demand. Orders are coming in heaps from shops selling organic products.

How about marketing for them? How to promote?
Cotton bags can be sold! How about orders? How are they marketed? How is the promotion? Where does the investment come from? All this was closely watched by Aparne. Especially believed in social media. Mainly in that WhatsApp‌. Then the website. From collecting material to making prototypes, ensuring delivery deadlines, quality control etc. are all done by the women of this village. They don’t know a single letter. However, all business is done through WhatsApp and website. This means that all the women in the village are digitally literate. So far rotation‌ They came doing it. Cotton‌ Fabric, painting‌ Vagaira comes from Madurai.

It is no exaggeration to say that 50 thousand bags have been sold so far. They also have customers in countries like US, UK, Canada. Pickles are also made. Due to Corona, the business was damaged but they recovered again. Aparna Krishnan’s efforts to support the self-sufficiency of the women of this village during the difficult times is commendable.

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