Chiranjeevi: Mega sound again in Telugu politics.. Signals that calm the fans

Megastar Chiranjeevi made the saying ‘boss is back’ true in the field of cinema. Even in politics, his fans are eagerly waiting for the slogan ‘Boss is back’. A spirited gathering in Tirupati yesterday recalled the days of Praja Rajyam itself. All the former PRP leaders came on the same platform and called the megastar as their godfather forever. The Godfather poster was the center of attention on that stage with leaders of four or five parties.

Leaders of almost all political parties have given a commitment to Godfather that they are ready to work like soldiers. A new logic was raised that the Megastar was the godfather of the then Praja Rajya and the Jana Sena, and for that matter, the Jana Sena was born from the Praja Rajya. There was consensus that Chiranjeevi should be active in politics again. Such invitations are coming to Megastar from Telangana. Minister Mallareddy gave an open offer saying you have to come Anna. Megastar Chiranjeevi was the chief guest in the cancer awareness program organized by ISKCON organization in his university. Mallareddy's sadism in that noise was not political. Chiranjeevi politely refused Mallareddy's request to support BRS.

Mega brother Nagababu also repeatedly says that Janasena always has the blessings of elder brother. Nagababu, who is currently in close contact with his younger brother Pawan Kalyan, is trying to bring his elder brother Chiranjeevi closer to the Janasena. Megastar's cinematic style signals are also raising hopes among mega fans. Chiranjee himself openly said that if my presence helps my brother, whether directly or indirectly, what is the happiness? Such statements give a boost to the Jana Sena cadre.

It has become interesting that such megasignals are often heard both on-screen and off-screen. This is the time when the election heat is heating up in the Telugu states. From time to time the equations change and new alliances emerge. In this same gap, mega political flavors are also emerging, making politics dramatic.

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