Chinta Mohan: Gulannabi Azade broke the state of AP.. Now with Modi.. Chinta Mohan’s sensational comments..

Congress leader Chinta Mohan: Former Union Minister and Congress leader Chinta Mohan made sensational comments saying that Gulannabi Azad broke the state of Andhra Pradesh.. He is in contact with Modi once a week.. He said that Gulannabi Azad also deserves the credit of destroying UP. He reminded that Rajiv Gandhi would have been alive if he had followed the formula given by him. Chandrababu said that since 1974, he has been in the Congress.. If Rajasekhar Reddy was alive, people would have run in AP. He said that Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra Padayatra was a success. It is said that in 2024 BJP will get more than 100 seats. To this extent, Chinta Mohan spoke to the media on Tuesday. At present there are only industries that they have brought. They fired at BJP saying that there is no tax on anything except air. They asked how did Adani Kuberu who swept the roads until the day before yesterday. So far BJP has won only eight Cheetahs. They said that the BJP is bringing tigers and saying great things. Congress leaders Sardar Patel and Netaji were made into puppets.. Does BJP have no leaders in the independence movement..? Said Chinta Mohan. He said that the BJP is doing fake things.. It is certain that the UPA government will come in 2024. When the UPA government comes, they will give a gas cylinder for 500 rupees. China has encroached on thousands of square kilometers in its borders and has been furious with the Centre.

On this occasion, former MP Chinta Mohan also attacked the AP government. He said that AP is called the Pradesh of lies in other states. Everything was criticized in the assembly as lies. He said that the capital city has completely stopped in the state.. Polavaram is a boon given by the Congress. He said that economic disparities are visible in the state. Andhra state is turning into Adani state. It is said that Adani, who once stood with nothing, is going to become the world's Kubera. He said that 60 crore people are sleeping hungry in the country.. One crore people are sleeping hungry in the state. He said that 2 lakh people are starving in Vijayawada. They said that wherever there is government land, there is looting. He criticized that red shirts and Khaddar shirts were missing in the assembly.

They said that the teachers are being sent to give socks and belts in the name of Vidya Dievena. He said that the educational standards have been destroyed in AP.. Doctors have stopped taking care of the patients. He said that the government hospitals have become worse. He criticized education, medicine and employment as nil in AP.

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